Colin Russell wins gold in men’s 200-metre freestyle

MONTREAL – If Colin Russell has any question about his recent shoulder injury healing, he’s got his answer.

The World Championship medallist, who now makes his home in Burlington, won a gold medal in the men’s 200-metre freestyle at the Bell Grand Prix swimming competition.

On the opening day (June 30) of competition the 22-year-old Russell led from start to finish for the podium’s centre spot. His time of 1:51.50 beat Chad Hankewich of Saskatoon (1:52.97) and Yannick Lupien of Quebec City (1:53.17).

“I felt great in the water tonight,’’ said Russell, a member of Canada’s 4×200 freestyle relay team that won silver at the 2005 World Aquatic Championships. “My goal was to improve on my morning swim and I came out on top.”

The meet has drawn about 400 swimmers from North America, including two-thirds of Canada’s national team. It is the second of three Bell Grand Prix across Canada this year, after last month’s debut in Vancouver and another scheduled for November in Toronto. Swimmers this weekend will vie for $22,500 in prize money.

Competition continues through to Sunday at the Olympic Park Pool.

Other winners included: Chanelle Charron-Watson of Quebec City, in the women’s 200 freestyle; Matthew Huang of Montreal, in the men’s 50 breaststroke, Thomas Kindler of Montreal in the men’s 50 butterfly, Lisa Blackburn of Waterloo, Ont., in the women’s 50 breaststroke, and Landice Yestrau of Winnipeg in the women’s 100 backstroke.

In competition for swimmers with a disability Benoit Huot of Montreal took the men’s 50 butterfly, Brian Hill of Montreal won the men’s 100 backstroke, Rhiannon Henry of Montreal was first in the women’s 50 butterfly and Stephanie Dixon of Victoria tops in the women’s 100 backstroke.

Friday’s results at the Bell Grand Prix swimming competition in Montreal:


50 breaststroke: 1. Matthew Huang, Montreal, 29.43; 2. Mike Brown, Calgary, 29.67; 3. Michel Boulianne, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Que., 30.34.

50 butterfly: 1. Thomas Kindler, Montreal, 24.58; 2. Joe Bartoch, London, Ont., 24.78; 3. Dominique Bourdages, Montreal, 25.41.

100 backstroke: 1. David Russell, U.S., 56.51; 2. Keith Beavers, Waterloo, Ont., 58.11; 3. Charles Francis, Montreal, 59.26.

200 freestyle: 1. Colin Russell, Burlington, Ont., 1:51.50; 2. Chad Hankewich, Saskatoon, 1:52.97; 3. Yannick Lupien, Quebec City, 1:53.17.

4X200 freestyle relay: 1. Bluefish Swim Club, 7:47.70; 2. Team Saskatchewan, 7:49.26; 3. Universite Laval, 7:50.70.


50 breaststroke: 1. Lisa Blackburn, Waterloo, Ont., 33.34; 2. Michelle Laprade, Montreal, 33.98; 3. Marie-Pier Ratelle, Quebec City, 34.26.

50 butterfly: 1. Audrey Lacroix, Montreal, 28.18; 2. Mackenzie Downing, Victoria, 28.22; 3. Jennifer Carroll, Trois-Rivieres, Que., 28.32.

100 backstroke: Landice Yestrau, Winnipeg, 1:04.50; 2. Elizabeth Beisel, U.S., 1:04.55; 3. Elizabeth Pelton, U.S., 1:04.94.

200 freestyle: 1. Chanelle Charron-Watson, Quebec City, 2:01.67; 2. Audrey Lacroix, Montreal, 2:03.12; 3. Melanie Bouchard, Quebec City, 2:03.42.

4X200 freestyle relay: 1. Toronto Swim Club, 8:22.24; 2. Universite Laval, 8:24.83; 3. Club CAMO, 8:33.16.



50 butterfly: 1. Benoit Huot, Montreal, 942 points; 2. Brian Hill,Montreal, 908.

100 backstroke: 1. Brian Hill, Montreal, 875; 2. Benoit Huot, 839; 3. Michel Lavalliere, Quebec City.


50 butterfly: 1. Rhiannon Henry, Montreal, 1,030 points; 2. Stephanie Dixon, Victoria, 933; 3. Valerie Grand’Maison, Montreal, 923.

100 backstroke: 1. Stephanie Dixon, Victoria, 1,074; 2. Val/rie Grand’Maison, Montreal, 957; 3. Anne Polinario, Montreal, 951.