Mixed Team Gold at Commonwealth Tenpin Championship

MELBOURNE, Aust – Canada’s pursuit of a second medal at the third Commonwealth Tenpin Championships came in a big way on Thursday.

After several days of placing fourth and missing the podium by small pin counts, Canada won the gold medal in the mixed team event, led by Hamilton’s George Lambert IV. He rolled games of 177, 278, 169, 193, 228, and 258 for a 1303 total, a team high.

Caroline Lagrange of Notre Dame des Pins (Quebec) had given Canada a silver medal in the women’s singles event on the first day of competition. George Lambert IV of Hamilton, missed the bronze medal in the men’s singles by one pin and Jennifer Willis-Park of Nanaimo (British Columbia) was fourth for the women. Lagrange and Willis-Park were fourth in the women’s doubles and Lambert IV and Jonathan Simoneau of Montreal were fifth in men’s doubles. In the Mixed Doubles competition, Canada’s Simoneau and Willis-Park also finished fourth.

But the Canadian bowlers were not to be denied on Thursday, winning the gold by 117 pins. In a neck-and-neck race with England, the two countries were tied after four games of the six-set affair. Canada pulled ahead in the final two games with Australia taking second and England dropping to third for the bronze medal.

All of Canada’s players will compete in the prestigious masters event, a round-robin match play competition for the 12 men and women with the highest all events scores. Willis-Park and Lagrange finished third and fourth and Lambert IV and Simoneau were third and ninth.

Canada had been running out of time for its second medal at the championships.

With its mixed doubles teams of Simoneau and Willis-Park missing the bronze medal by 12 pins, and Lambert and Lagrange of placing eighth, it was getting close to the All Events bowl-off.

England won its third gold medal and Australia took the silver and the bronze in the mixed doubles category. Competition ends on Sunday. Canada and 16 other nations are competing: Australia, Bahamas, Brunei Darussalam, England, Gibraltar, Guernsey, India, Jersey, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Wales, Singapore, Scotland, and for the first time the newly formed Pakistan Tenpin Federation.

Medal and Canadian scores

Mixed Team

Caroline Lagrange 265/173/233/185/190/213 (1259)
George Lambert IV 177/278/169/193/228/258 (1303)
Jonathan Simoneau 170/193/213/175/242/205 (1198)
Jennifer Willis-Park 181/175/268/179/204/202 (1209)

Canada 4969
Australia 4852
England 4796

Mixed Doubles

1. England, 2675, 222,92
Dominic Barrett, 1472, 245,33/Fiona Banks, 1203, 200,50

2. Australia, 2618, 218,17
George Frilingos, 1309, 218,17/Ann-Maree Putney, 1309, 218,17

3. Australia, 2611, 217,58
Glen Loader, 1445, 240,83/Tracey Madden, 1166, 194,33

4. Canada, 2599, 216,58
Jonathan Simoneau, 1331, 221,83/Jennifer Willis-Park, 1268, 211,33

8.Canada, 2450,204,17
George Lambert Iv, 1248, 208,00/Caroline Lagrange, 1202, 200,33