Hamilton and District Bonspiel underway

The annual chase for local curling bragging rights is underway.

The Hamilton and District Bonspiel started on Monday and will continue day and night all week at clubs in Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Grimsby and Mount Hope.

Men and women are competing in Open and senior sections, leading to championship games on Sunday.

The following are results from Monday’s and Tuesday’s games.

Womens Open
7 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
Newell, J, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Spugeon, M, Burlington Curling, 3.
Marcinkowski, K, Dundas Valley, 6, def Taylor, P, Glanford, 3.
Davis, F, Burlington Golf, 7, def. Young, A, Burlington Curling, 4.
Whetham, L, Dundas Valley, 9, def Duncanson, J, Dundas Granite, 6.

9 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
Beck, J, Dundas Granite, 8, def. Freeborn, M, Burlington Curling, 5.
Paddon, P, Burlington Golf, 5, def. Siwak, N, Glanford, 2.
Smith, M, Burlington Curling, 6, def. Gardiner-Dean, M, Dundas Valley, 3.
Reid, S, Glendale, 8, def. Snoei, G, Grimsby, 5.

9 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
L. Gregg, Hamilton Victoria, 7, def. D. Martin, Glanford, 6.
M. Gayler, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. E. Vachon, Burlington Curling, 7.
J. McNaughton, Dundas Valley, 9, def. B. Irwin, Burlington Golf, 6.
L. Hall, Grimsby, 11, def. L. Cherepa, Dundas Granite, 6.
J. Britaney, Dundas Granite, 9, def. W. Oughtred, Burlington Curling, 8.

Senior Ladies
11 a.m. draw, Dundas Valley
MacDonald, M, Burlington Curling, 5, def. Sanders, A, Grimsby, 4.
Roland, J, Burlington Golf, 12, def. McKinnell, D, Glanford, 2.

1 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Brophy, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Lishman, Glendale, 3.
Springstead, Glanford, 6, def. MacEachern, Hamilton Victoria, 4.

Day Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
K. Neal, Burlington Curling, 7, def. M. Barton, Glanford, 6.
W. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 8, def. D. Tufford, Burlington Golf, 4.
G. Mathe, Grimsby, 7, def P. Boyle, Burlington Curling, 6.

1 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Turner, Glanford, 5, def. Shannon, Burlington Curling, 4.

1 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
Bailey, C, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Williams, W, Burlington Golf, 2.
Brudek, C, Glendale, 8, def. Harrison, J, Burlington Curling, 6.

1 p.m.draw, Burlington Golf
Rennie, Burlington Curling, 10, def. Lester, Dundas Valley, 5.
Rutledge Burlington Golf, 8, def. Harrison, Burlington Curling, 5.
Giles Burlington Curling, 12, def. Hicks, Glendale, 8.
Keys, Glanford, 9, def. Wignall, Glanford, 4.

Master Men
9 a.m draw, Grimsby Curling
Satchell, 7, def. McDougall, 6.
Sparrow, 10, def. Dougherty, 2.
Fallis, 7, def. Murray, 6.
Ferguson, 7, def. Featherstone, 7.

9 a.m., Glendale Golf
Scott, B, Dundas Granite, 7, def. Yule, B, Burlington Golf, 4.
Clarke, D, Glendale, 12, def. Cernick, E, Grimsby, 7.
Brophy, B, Burlington Curling, 10, def. Beaven, B, Glanford, 6.

9 a.m. draw, Burlington Curling
Prentice, H, Dundas Granite, 14, def. Weismuller, F, Dundas Valley, 5.
Butcher, R, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Robertson, W, Hamilton Victoria, 2.
Hesler, G, Grimsby, 7, def. Simpson, J, Glendale, 5.
Tipler, B, Glanford, 7, def. Gregson, G, Burlington Curling, 6.

11 a.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
LaCroix, Hamilton Victoria, 4, def. Rocchi, Glendale, 3.
Hunter, Dundas Granite, 11, def. Barnett, Burlington Golf, 8.
Guyatt, Glanford, 8, def. Stone, Burlington Curling, 7.
Walters, Grimsby, 7, def. Shimmell, Dundas Valley, 2.

Senior Men
9 a.m. draw, Dundas Valley
Bernard, S, Dundas Valley, 9, def. Hyrnick, A, Dundas Granite, 2.
Ross, D, Burlington Golf, 7, def. Hicks, H, Glendale, 6.
Rattray, C, Burlington Curling, 10, def. Maciulis, E, Dundas Granite, 9.
Keys, D, Glanford, 7, def. Rowe, F, Burlington Curling, 2.
Abbey, J, Dundas Granite, 15, def. Hodgson, G, Dundas Valley, 4.

9 a.m. draw, Glendale Golf
Nielsen, B, Burlington Golf, 10, def. Thorell, L, Hamilton Victoria, 6.

11 a.m. draw, Glendale Golf
Simington, W, Glanford, 12, def. Faulknor, E, Hamilton Victoria, 6.
Cox, B, Grimsby, 9, def. Mumberson, G, Dundas Granite, 5.
Gibson, J, Burlington Curling, 11, def. Horning, B, Glanford, 6.
Mitchell, P, Grimsby, 10, def. Barnard, F, Dundas Valley, 5.

Open Men
7 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
Corbett, I, Burlington Golf, 8, def. Mitton, T, Hamilton Victoria, 7.
McDannold, R, Dundas Granite, 8, def. Howieson, I, Dundas Valley, 7.
Serwatuk, D, Glendale, 6,. def. Vachon, D, Burlington Curling, 3.
Murray, J, Burlington Curling, 11, def. Fearman, G, Glanford, 7.

7 p.m draw, Burlington Golf
Mott, Burlington Curling, 7, def. McCall, Dundas Valley, 2.
Morrell, Grimsby, 11, def. Dunn, Burlington Golf, 7.
Baker, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. Moore, Dundas Granite, 5.
Morgan, Burlington Curling, 6, def. Fallis, Glanford, 3.
Stevens, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Kitchen, Glanford, 6.
Oda, Hamilton Victoria, 8, def. Thurston, Burlington Golf, 4.

9 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
Hughes, C, Burlington Golf, 10, def. Britton, P, Hamilton Victoria, 3.
Ford, W, Glanford, 10, def. Pascoe, T, Burlington Curling, 4.
Hiltz, M, Dundas Granite, 7, def. Olson, B, Dundas Granite, 2.
Mackay, B, Glendale, 7, def. Depodesta, R, Burlington Curling, 2.
Dorsey, G, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Winslow, P, Dundas Valley, 3.

9 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
Fordham, C, Hamilton Victoria, 7, def. Widdup, H, Dundas Granite, 6.
Theoret, P, Burlington Golf, 8, def. Brown, T, Grimsby, 5.
Shurtleff, B, Dundas Valley, 9, def. Hnatiuk, P, Glanford, 5.
Coulter, R, Glanford, 11, def. St. Jacques, D, Burlington Curling, 10.

9 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Gilmour, Grimsby, 7, def. Driscoll, Burlington Golf, 3.
McFayden, Burlington Curling, 6, def. Newman, Glanford, 5.
Cridland, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Ouellet, Glendale, 4.
Long, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Fursman, Dundas Valley, 5.
Nadeau. Dundas Granite, 8, def. Vollick, Dundas Valley, 1.
Duguay, Glanford, 8, def. Magnusson, Burlington Curling, 3.

Day Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf and Country Club
J. Dunn, Burlington Golf, 7, def. L. DeBelser, Burlington Curling, 6.
W. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 7, def. K. Neal, Burlington Curling, 5.
R. Giles, Burlington Curling, 10, def. M. Arntfield, Burlington Curling, 5.
C. Keys, Glanford, 9, def. M. MacDonald, Burlington Curling, 5.

1 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf & Country Club
Bailey, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Turner, Glanford, 7.
Shannon, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Tufford, Burlington Golf, 5.
Harrison, Burlington Curling, 10, def. Williams, Burlington Golf, 4.

Senior Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
A. Sanders, Glendale, 10. def. D. Wignall, Dundas Granite, 2.
D. McKinnel, Glanford, 8, def. M. Lishman, Glendale, 2.
P. MacEachern, Hamilton Victoria, def. P. Boyle, Burlington Curling.

Womens Open
7 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
Solvason, M, Grimsby, 4, def. Britney, J, Dundas Granite, 1.
Winegard, K, Glanford, 8, def. Fitzgerald, L, Burlington Curling, 5.
Dion, R, Dundas Valley, 8, def. Martin, H, Burlington Golf, 7.
Oughtred, W, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Mackay, B, Glendale, 7.

9 p.m draw, Hamilton Victoria
Smith, B, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Blonski, L, Dundas Valley, 6.
Benninger, C, Glanford, 6, def. Moore, H, Glendale, 5.
Riddell, L, Grimsby, 11, def. MacInnis, G, Burlington Curling, 3.
Payne, D, Dundas Granite, 8, def. Lount, L, Hamilton Victoria, 3.

9 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
Hewitt, C, Glanford, 8, def. Patterson, D, Burlington Golf, 7.
Trainor, S, Dundas Granite, 9, def. Wilson, S, Glanford, 8.
Howarth, L, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Smith, S, Burlington Curling, 3.
Knapp, B, Dundas Valley, 8, def. Polstra, J, Grimsby, 5.

Senior Men
9 a.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
Barnet, Burlington Golf, 9, def. Rochi, Glendale, 3.
Lacroix, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. Hunter, Dundas Granite, 6.
Walters, Grimsby, 7, def. Gyat, Glanford, 4.
Stone, Burlington Curling, 7. def. Shimmel, Dundas Valley, 6.

11 a.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
Hayshi, Dundas Granite, 9, def. Upson, Hamilton Victoria, 8.
Vassy, Grimsby, 7, def. Bader, Burlington Golf, 6.
Renshaw, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Bernard, Dundas Valley, 4.
Hyrnick, Dundas Granite, 9, def. Smith, Glanford, 4.

Open Men
7 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
C. Hughes, Burlington Golf, 9, def. W. Ford, Glanford, 5.
B.MacKay, Glendale, 11, def. M.Hiltz, Dundas Granite 2.
R. Coulter, Glanford, 5, def. C. Fordham, Hamilton Victoria, 2.
H, Widdup, Dundas Granite, 8, def. D. St. Jacques, Burlington Curling, 2.
T. Brown, Grimsby, 7, def. P. Hnatiuk, Burlington Curling, 2.

7 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Mitchell, Grimsby, 6, def. Russell-Hill, Burlington Curling, 2.
Nishizaki, Glendale, 8, def. Malis, Dundas Granite, 6.
Dahley, Burlington Golf, 6, def. Hagen, Dundas Valley, 5.
Biehler, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Mills, Hamilton Victoria, 5.

7 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
B. McFadyen, Burlington Curling, 8, def. K. Gilmour, Hamilton Victoria, 2.
J. Cridland, Burlington Curling, 7, def. R. Long, Dundas Granite, 5.
A. McLean, Dundas Valley, 7, def. J. Gray, J Burlington Curling, 4.
I. Drisoll, Burlington Golf, 6, def. J. Newman, Glanford, 4.
S. Ouellet, Glendale, 6, def. C. Fursman, Dundas Valley, 4.
7 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
Smith, L, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Stevenson, B, Dundas Valley, 4.
Murphy, D, Glanford, 6, def. Feldkamp, B, Burlington Curling, 4.
Dales, M, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Lasowski, F, Glendale, 3.
Desjarlais, G, Grimsby, 8, def. Knapman, K, 4.
9 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Dejarlais, Glanford, 5, def. Murphy, Glanford, 2.
Dales, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Smith, Dundas Granite, 5.
Scott, Dundas Valley, 6, def. Helm, Burlington Golf, 2.
Reid, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Hong, Hamilton Victoria, 3.

9 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
Walton, D, Grimsby, 4, def. Kee, J, Glanford, 2.
Crawford, J, Glendale, 7, def. Klein, J, Dundas Valley, 5.
Mattis, K, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Winegard, J, Glanford, 3.
Campbell. S, Grimsby, 7, def. Gowman, D, Burlington Curling, 5.
Lasowski, F, Glanford, 7, def. Stevenson, B, Dundas Valley, 5.
Knapman, K, Burlington Golf, 8, def. Feldkamp, P, Burlington Curling, 5.

9 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
Corbett, I, Burlington Golf, 8, def. Murray, J, Burlington Curling, 7.
Serwatuk, D, Glendale, 6, def. McDannold, R, Dundas Granite, 4.
Thurston, R, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Kitchen, B, Glanford, 2.
Milton, T, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. Fearman, G, Glanford, 4.
Howieson, I, Dundas Valley, 9, def. Vachon, D, Burlington Curling, 2.

9 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
Mott, D, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Morell, R, Grimsby, 6.
Morgan, D, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Baker, P, Hamilton Victoria, 6.
Donoghuh, J, Burlington Golf, 11, def. Basset, G, Burlington Curling, 9.
Dunn, T, Burlington Golf, 6 def. McCall, J, Dundas Valley, 4.
G. Moore, Dundas Granite, 8, def. Fallis, D, Glanford, 0.

Senior Men
11 a.m. draw, Dundas Granite
Gregson, G, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Simpson, J, Glendale, 5.