Day three results of Hamilton and District Bonspiel

Results after the third day of play in the Hamilton and District Bonspiel. Competition continues through to Saturday’s championships in men’s and women’s play in seniors, masters, open and day ladies divisions.

Master Men
9 a.m. draw, Glendale Golf & Country
G. Satchell, Glanford, 7, def. A. Fallas, Burlington Curling, 5.
D. MacDougall, Burlington Golf, 9, def. A. Murray, Glanford, 5.
J. Sparrow, Dundas Valley, 8, def. A. Ferguson, Grimsby, 7.
P. Featherstone, Glendale, 6, def. B. Dougherty, Grimsby, 5.

9 a.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Hesler, Grimsby, 7, def. Butcher, Burlington Curling, 3.
Gregson, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Weismuller, Dundas Valley, 3.
Prentice, Dundas Granite, 9, def. Tipler, Glanford, 1.

11 a.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Quinn, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Raymond, Dundas Granite, 8.
Smith, Glanford, 7, def. Sackett, Dundas Valley, 6.
Logan, Glendale, 8, def. Bolton, Hamilton Victoria, 7.

Senior Men
9 a.m. draw, Dundas Granite
D. Keys, Glanford, 5, def. C. Rattray, Burlington Curling, 4.
J. Abbey, Dundas Granite, 10, def. D. Ross, Glendale, 7.
H. Hicks, Glendale, 5, def. F. Rowe, Burlington Curling, 4.

9 a.m.draw, Burlington Curling
R. Smith, Glanford, 8, def. A. Upson, Hamilton Vic, 3.
S; Barnhard, Dundas Valley, 10, def. G. Bader, Burlington Golf, 2.
P. Vasey, Grimsby, 7, def. D. Renshaw, Burlington Curling, 2.
K. Hayashi, Dundas Granite, 8, def. A. Hyrnick, Dundas Granite, 4.
G. Hodgeson, Dundas Valley, 10, def. E. Maciullus, Dundas Granite, 5.

11 a.m. draw, Dundas Granite
J. Turner, Glanford, 6, def. B. Hughes, Grimsby, 5.
B. Roberts, Dundas Granite, 8, def. D. MacDonald, Burlington Curling, 5.
G. Smith, Glendale, 6, def. E. Faulknor, Hamilton Victoria, 2.

11 a.m. draw, Burlington Curling
T. Newcombe, Burlington Curling, 9, def. K. Mandeno, Glanford, 4.
H. Vantuyl, Glanford, 12, def. D. Gibbons, Grimsby, 5.
B. Sindrey, Hamilton Victoria, 6, def. P. Maynagh, Burlington Golf, 5.
H. Johnstons, Dundas Granite, 10, def. J. Cran, Glendale, 6.
R. Richards, Dundas Valley, 7, def. W. Simmington, Glanford, 3.

Open Men
7 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
K. Knapman, Burlington Golf, 10, def. F. Lasowski, Glendale, 3.
K. Mattis, Dundas Granite, 8, def. S. Campbell, Grimsby, 3.
Feldkamp, Burlington Curling, 8, def. B. Stevenson, Dundas Valley, 6.
D. Gowman, Burlington Curling, 7, def. J. Winegard, Glanford, 2.

7 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
R. Thurston, Dundas Granite, 11 def. L. Vollick, Dundas Valley, 1.
T. Mitton, Hamilton Victoria, 8, def. I. Howieson, Dundas Valley, 5.
B. Kitchen, Glanford, 8, def. W. Magnusson, Burlington Curling, 6.
G. Fearman, Glanford, 8, def. D. Vachon, Burlington Curling, 2.

7 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
A. McLean, Dundas Valley, 8, def. J. Donahugh, Burlington Golf, 5.
R. Helm, Burlington Golf, 7, def, B. Hong, Hamilton Victoria, 1.
J. Gray, Burlington Curling, 8, def. G. Bassett, Burlington Curling, 1.
B. Crutchlow, Burlington Curling, 7, def. B. Power, Burlington Curling, 6.

7 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
B. Reid, Glanford, 7, def. G. Pearce, Dundas Valley, 3.
P. Theoret, Burlington Golf, 5, def. C. Fordham, Hamilton Victoria, 3.
B. Shurtleff, Dundas Valley, 7, def. R. Coulter, Glanford, 5.
W. Gowan, Dundas Granite, 6, def. T. Mann, Grimsby, 4.
S. Russell-Hill, Burlington Curling, 8, def. C. Malis, Dundas Granite, 5.

9 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
M. Oda, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. Duguay Glendale, 6.
T. Brown, Grimsby, 7, def. H. Widdup, Dundas Granite, 2.
D. Nadeau, Dundas Granite, 6, def. C. Stevens, Burlington Curling, 2.
P. Hnatuik, Burlington Curling, 7, def. D. St.Jacques, Burlington Curling, 6.

Day Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
L. DeBelser, Burlington Curling, 8, def. E. Lester, Glanford, 6.
K. Shannon, Burlington Curling, 6, def. K. Heene, Glendale, 5.
G. Mathe, Grimsby, 8, def. B. Brophy, Burlington Curling, 4.

1 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
J. Rutledge, Burlington Golf, 8, def. C. Brudek, Glendale, 2.
N. Turner, Glanford, 9, def. P. Rennie, Burlington Curling, 3.
J. Kirk, Burlington Golf, 8, def. J. Dunn, Burlington Golf, 2.
C. Keyes, Glanford, 8, def. R. Giles, Burlington Curling, 5.

1 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Barton, Glendale, 8, def. Murray, Glanford, 3.
Arntfield, Burlington Curling, 10, def. MacDonald, Burlington Curling, 4.
Johnston, Glanford, 7, def. Wignall, Dundas Granite, 6.

Womens Open

7 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Tayloy, Glanford, 6, def. Duncanson, Dundas Granite, 5.
Davis Burlington Golf, 8, def. Marcinkowski, Dundas Granite, 6.
Benninger, Glanford, 6, def. Smith, Burlington Curling, 5.
Whetham, Dundas Valley, 7, def. Newell, Dundas Granite, 6.
Young, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Spurgeon, Burlington Curling, 2.
Payne, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Riddell, Grimsby, 5.

9 p.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Siwak, Dundas Valley, 6, def. Snoei, Grimsby, 5.
Gregg, Dundas Granite, 8, def. McNaughton, Dundas Valley, 6.
Reid, Glendale, 8 def. Howe, Dundas Granite, 6.
Fitzgerald, Burlington Curling, 12, def. Britney, Burlington Golf, 3.
Hall, Glanford, 8, def. Gayller, Grimsby, 4.
Smith, Burlington Curling, 7, def. Paddon, Burlington Golf, 4.

9 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
M. Solvason, Grimsby, 7, def. K.Winegard, Glanford, 5.
E. Vachon, Burlington Curling, 7, def. B. Irwin, Burlington Golf, 6.
W. Oughtred, Burlington Curling, 9, def. R. Dion, Dundas Valley, 6.
D. Martin, Glanford, 8, def. L. Cherepa, Dundas Granite, 5.
M. Gardner-Dean, Dundas Valley, 7, def. M. Freeborn, Burlington Curling, 6.
B. Mackay, Glendale, 11, def. H. Martin, Burlington Golf, 7.