Hamilton and District Bonspiel in the homestretch

The stages are set for champions to be crowned in the Hamilton and District Bonspiel finals today (Friday) and Saturday.

The Open Day Ladies finals are set for the Glendale Golf and Country Club at 1 p.m. today (Friday). The First Event final has cross-town rivals Jane Rutledge of Burlington Golf and Wendy Morgan of Burlington Curling playing for the Reta Black Millennium Trophy while the BG&C’s Judith Kirk meets Chris Bailey of the BCC in the consolation game for the Burlington Curling Club Trophy.

The Second Event has BCC members Karen Shannon and Nancy Harrison chasing the Grimsby Curling Club Trophy.

In the Third event, Mary Lou Barton’s Glanford rink will meet club member Nancy Turner for the BG&CC Trophy.

Senior Ladies finalists for the First Event are Glanford’s Cathy Keys and Grimsby’s Gayle Mathe, playing at 9:30 a.m. for the BCC Trophy at Glendale. In the Second Event final, Anne Saunders of Grimsby will play Glanford’s Donna McKinnell. The Third Event will be decided by Glanford’s Doreen Johnston and BCC’s Mary Arntfield.

The Senior Men’s First Event semifinal today at the Hamilton Victoria Club will have Jim Abbey of the Dundas Granite playing Glanford’s John Turner at 1.15 a.m. The winner will meet the HVC’s Bob Sindrey at 11.15 a.m. Saturday at the Dundas Valley Golf and Country Club. In the Second Event Harvey Hicks of Glendale will play Barry Roberts of the Dundas Granite CC with the winner meeting Ken Hayashi of the Granite on Saturday.

In the Third Event final on Saturday (9 a.m. at the Valley), Stephen Bernard of Dundas Valley will play the winner of today’s semifinal between Doug Keyes of Glanford and Brian Cox of Grimsby. They play at the Vic at 11.15 this morning.

The Fourth Event semifinal today has Geoffery Hodgeson (Dundas Valley) against Gerry Smith (Glendale) with the winner playing Glanford’s Russ Smith on Saturday.

Grimsby’s Howard Walters awaits the winner of today’s semi between Gord Satchell of Glanford and Jack Gibson of BCC for the Master First Event honours. Jim Barnett ( BG&CC) will play the victor from the Doug MacDougall (BCC) and Bruce Beaven (Glanford) Second Event semifinal today.

The BCC’s George Quinn will play either Harry Prentice (Granite) or Peter Mitchell (Grimsby) for the Third Event. The Fourth Event has Glendale’s Joe Rocchi waiting for the outcome of the Jim Simpson (Glendale) – Ed Cernick (Grimsby) semi.

The Women’s Open showdowns will take play at the Grimsby Curling Club starting with Saturday’s 11 a.m. First Event semifinals between L. Gregg (Granite) vs. M. Solvason (Grimsby) and S. Trainor (Granite) vs. C. Benninger (Glanford). The final for the Hamilton Victoria Club Trophy goes at 2:30 the same day. The Second Event semis have two BCC rinks – E. Vachon and W. Oughtred meeting in one with N. Siwak (Glanford) playing A. Young (BCC).

The Third Event semis have L. Hall (Grimsby) and L. Fitzgerald (BCC) in one game and D. Patterson (BG&CC) in the other 9 a.m. game. In the Fourth Event, G. MacInnis (BCC) and Gardiner-Dean (Dundas Valley) meet and B. MacKay (Glendale) and D. Martin (Glanford) square off.

In today’s Men’s Open First Event quarterfinals (9 p.m., Dundas Valley), Mike Oda (Victoria) plays Dennis Morgan (BCC) with Bruce Shurtleff (Dundas Valley) meeting the Granite’s Glenn Dorsey.In a semifinal game Saturday at 11.15 a.m. at the Granite, Bob Biehler (BCC) plays Mike Dales, also of the BCC.

Second events quarters today have Simon Ouellet (Glendale) playing Rick Thurston (Granite) at 9 p.m at Dundas Valley. In the 7 p.m. Third event quarters, Dick Nadeau (Granite) plays fellow club member Ron Long while Paul Theoret (Burlington Golf) plays the BCC’s Bob Crutchlow.

In the Fourth Event quarters Gord Fearman (Glanford) plays Grimsby’s Howie Meinzinger at 7 p.m. at the Valley while Charles Fursman (Dundas Valley) plays Barry Reid (Glendale).


Open Men


7 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
D. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 9, def. D. Mott, Burlington Curling, 5.
G. Moore, Dundas Granite, 7, def. T. Dunn, Burlington Golf, 1.
P. Baker, Hamilton Victoria, 8, def. R. Morrel, Grimsby, 1.
D. Fallis, Glanford, 9, def. J. McCall, Dundas Valley, 4.

9 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
C. Hughes Burlington Golf, 7, def. B. MacKay, Glendale, 2.
B. McFayden, Burlington Curling, 6, def. J. Cridland, Burlington Curling, 4.
W. Ford, Glanford, 6, def. M. Hiltz, Dundas Granite, 0.
R. Long, Dundas Granite, 9, def. K. Gilmour, Hamilton Victoria, 2.


7 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
B. Biehler, Burlington Curling, 6, def. B. Mackay, Glendale, 3.
D. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 8, def. B. McFadyen, Burlington Curling, 7.
M. Oda, Hamilton Victoria, 5, def. A. McLean, Dundas Valley, 4.
D. Nadeau, Dundas Granite, 4, def. J. Gray, Burlington Curling, 3.
R. Mills, Hamilton Victoria, 12, def. W. Ford, Glanford, 6.

7 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Mitchell, Grimsby, 8, def. Olson, Dundas Valley, 5.
Ouelett, Glendale, 6, def. Moore, Dundas Granite, 4.
Shurtleff, Dundas Valley, 6, def. Serwatuk, Glendale, 5.
Depdesta, Burlington Curling, 8, def. Russel-Hill, Burlington Golf, 6.

9 p.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Knapman, Burlington Golf, 5, def. Mattis, Dundas Granite, 4.
Theoret, Burlington Golf, 8, def. McDonald, Dundas Granite, 5.
Fursman, Dundas Valley, 6, def. Fallis, Glanford, 2.
Feldkamp, Burlington Curling, 6, def. Gowan, Burlington Curling, 5.

9 p.m. draw, Glendale
G. Dorsey, Dundas Granite, 7, def. R. Trainor, Dundas Granite, 6.
M. Dales, Burlington Curling, 5, def. B. Reid, Burlington Curling, 4.
R. Helm, Burlington Golf, 9, def. L. Smith, Dundas Granite, 5.
B. Crutchlow, Burlington Curling, 7, def. R. Moynag, Burlington Golf, 5.
R. Long, Dundas Granite, 6, def. P. Baker.Hamilton Victoria, 3.

Master Men
9 a.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Satchell, Dundas Valley, 6 def. Hesler, Grimsby, 3.
MacDougall, Burlington Curling, 8 def. Gregson, Burlington Curling, 3..
Prentice, Dundas Granite, 6, def. Sparrow, Dundas Valley, 5.
Simpson, Glendale, 9, def. Featherstone, Glendale, 6.

9 a.m. draw, Dundas Granite
H. Walters, Grimsby, 7, def. T. Logan, Glendale, 6.
J. Barnett, Burlington Curling, 11. def. J.H. Smith, Glanford, 1.
G. Quinn, Burlington Curling, 9, def. C. Guyatt, Glanford, 6.
J. Rocci, Glendale, 9, def. L. Colbeck, Burlington Curling, 2.

11a.m. draw, Dundas Granite
K. Hayashi, Dundas Granite, 8, def. H. Johnston, Dundas Granite, 7.
R. Smith, Glanford, 9, def. T. Newcomb, Burlington Curling, 7.
B. Sindrey, Hamilton Victoria, 9, def. B. Vasey, Grimsby, 3.
S. Bernard, Dundas Valley, 6, def. H. Vantuyl, Glanford. 5.

11 a.m. draw, Burlington Golf
Gibson, Burlington Curling, 9, def. Gilbank, Glendale, 4.
Beaven, Glanford, 10, def. Horning, Glanford, 7.
Mitchell, Grimsby, 8, def,.Scott, Dundas Granite, 3.
Cernick, Grimsby, 10, def. Barnard, Dundas Valley, 4.

Senior Men
9 a.m. draw, Grimsby Curling
Smith, Glendale, 5, def. Thorell, Hamilton Victoria, 4.
Cox, Grimsby, 8, def. Richards, Dundas Valley, 7.
Roberts, Dundas Granite, 7, def. Mumberson, Dundas Granite, 5.
Turner, Glanford, 6, def. Nielson, Burlington Golf, 3.

Day Ladies
9 a.m. draw, Dundas Valley
W. Williams, Burlington Golf, 9, def. C. Brudek, Glendale, 5.
L. DeBelser, Burlington Curling, 11, def. J. Dunn, Burlington Golf, 2.
N. Turner, Glanford, 8, def. K. Neal, Burlington Curling, 5.

1 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
J. Rutledge, Burlington Golf, 9, def. C. Bailey, Burlington Curling, 3.
K. Shannon, Burlington Curling, 11, def. B. Dinney, Hamilton Victoria, 3.

1 p.m. draw, Dundas Granite
N. Harrison, Burlington Curling, 10, def. J. Harrison, Burlington Curling, 1.
M.L. Barton, Glanford, 5, def. W. Williams, Burlington Curling, 3.
N. Turner, Glanford, 6, def. L. DeBelser, Burlington Curling, 5.
D. Johnson, Glanford, 8, def. M. Lishman, Glendale, 1.

Senior Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
A. Sanders Grimsby, 8, def. A. Hicks, Glendale, 3.
M. Arntfield, Burlington Curling, 9, def. J. Roland, Burlington Golf, 2.

Open Women
7 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
S. Trainor, Dundas Granite, 9, def. S. Reid, Glendale, 2.
N. Siwak, Glanford, 9, def. I. Howarth, Dundas Granite, 5.
D. Patterson, Burlington Curling, 6, def. M. Smith, Burlington Curling, 4.
M. Gardiner-Dean, Dundas Valley, 9, def. J. Polstra. Grimsby, 1.

9 p.m. draw, Burlington Curling
C. Benniger, Glanford, 10, def. F. Davis, Burlington Curling, 1.
A. Young, Burlington Curling, 8, def. P. Payne, Dundas Granite, 1.
H. Moore, Glendale, 5, def. I. Whetham, Dundas Valley, 3.
G. MacInnis, Burlington Curling, 15, def. P. Taylor, Glanford, 5.