Day Ladies First Event title won by Morgan in Hamilton and District Bonspiel

Wendy Morgan’s 6-5 win over the Jane Rutledge-skipped Burlington Golf and Curling Club rink gave the Burlington Curling Club rink First Event honours Friday in the Hamilton and District Bonspiel.

The win gives Morgan’s foursome the Reta Black Millennium Trophy.

In the Second Event, Nancy Harrison’s BCC rinks edged club member Karen Shannon, 9-7, and took the Grimsby Curling Club Trophy. Third Event honours and the Burlington Golf and Country Club Trophy went to Glanford’s Nancy Turner-skipped rink after a 7-5 win over club mate Mary-Lou Barton.

In the Senior Ladies final, Glanford’s Cathy Keys was an 8-4 victor over Grimsby Curling Club skip Gayle Mathe to take the BCC Trophy. Grimsby’s Ann Sanders took the Second Event, sneaking past Donna McKinnell, 7-6, for the BCC Trophy.

Glanford’s Doreen Johnston used an 8-3 win over Mary Arntfield of the BCC, to take the Glanford Curling Club Trophy in the Third Event.

Finals in the Master and Senior men’s events, and the Men’s and Women’s open divisions go today.


Master Men
9 a.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria Club
Cernick, Grimsby, 7, def. Simpson, Glendale, 1.
Satchell, Glanford, 6, def. Gibson, Burlington Curling, 3.
Beavan, Glanford, 10, def. MacDougall, Burlington Curling, 3.
Prentice, Dundas Granite, 5, def. Mitchell, Grimsby, 4.

Senior Men
11 a.m. draw, Hamilton Victoria
Smith, Glendale, 9, def. Hodgeson, Dundas Valley, 5.
Turner, Glanford, 6, def. Abbey, Dundas Granite, 5.
Hicks, Glendale, 7, def. Roberts, Dundas Granite, 3.
Keys, Glanford, 7, def. Cox, Grimsby, 1.

Open Men
7 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
R. Long, Dundas Granite, 5, def. D. Nadeau, Dundas Granite, 1.
P. Theoret, Burlington Golf, 9, def. B. Crutchlow, Burlington Curling, 2.
B. Reid, Glendale, 8, def. C. Fursman, Dundas Valley, 3.
H. Meinzinger, Grimsby, 9, def. G. Fearman, Glanford, 2.
9 p.m. draw, Dundas Valley
D. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 8, def. M. Oda, Hamilton Victoria, 5.
G. Dorsey, Dundas Granite, 7, def. B. Shurtleff, Dundas Valley, 5.
R. Thurston, Dundas Granite, 8, def. S. Ouellet, Glendale, 4.
T. Mitton, Hamilton Victoria, 7, def. J. Crawford, 3.

Senior Ladies
9 a.m. draw, Glendale Golf
C. Keys, Glanford, 8, def. G. Mathe, Grimsby, 4.
A. Sanders, Grimsby, 7, def. D. McKinnell, Glanford, 6.
D. Johnston, Glanford, 8, def. M. Arntfield, Burlington Curling, 3.

Day Ladies
1 p.m. draw, Glendale Golf
W. Morgan, Burlington Curling, 6, def. J. Rutledge, Burlington Golf, 5.
C. Bailey, Burlington Curling, 6, def. J. Kirk, Burlington Golf, 5.
N. Harrison, Burlington Curling, 9, def. K. Shannon, Burlington Curling, 7.
N. Turner, Glanford, 7, def. M.L. Barton, Glanford, 5.