Edmondson’s Oakville rink rules Canadian curling Masters

Bob Edmondson and his Oakville Curling Club rink are Canadian Masters.

Skip Edmondson, with vice David Stewart, second Brian Longley, and lead Graham MacEachern, representing Ontario, defeated Alberta’s Keith Kaufman in the final of the Canadian Open Masters Curling Championship Saturday at Hamilton’s Glendale Golf and Country Club. Edmondson scored two in the eighth and final end, to take the game 5-4.

Both teams finished round-robin play with 7-2 records but Alberta got the bye into the final because of it’s win over Ontario earlier in the week.

The Edmondson quartet handily defeated Nova Scotia’s Peter MacPhee 11-4 in the semifinal, stealing a game-ending five in the seventh end.

In the Women’s division, the Glanford Curling Club rink skipped by Cathy Keys ended play with a 3-6 record.

Alberta’s Linda Wagner with vice Sandra Turner, second Marilyn Toews, and lead Betty Clarke were crowned champions after defeating Manitoba 9-6.