Borkovic saves ten-pin Warriors with final game

In the 45-year-old history of the Westinghouse League at Skyway Lanes, many close finishes have decided the league champions. This season is no exception.

A 231 final game by Joe Borkovic paved the way for the Star Warriors to win the last game of the season and capture first place. Members of the winning team are Mike Sydor, Art Oliver Jr., Borkovic and Jim and Ed Margueratt. The Family Ties with Ron Elliott, Pam and Tim Easlick and Russ and Shelly Wright were second.

The 231 game by Borkovic enabled him to sneak over the 200 mark for the league’s high average. Nobby Herchenroder was second at 194 and Ed Margueratt third at 187. Mark Herchenroder won high triple at 693 followed by Tim Easlick’s 684 and Doug Stickney’s 651. Art Oliver Sr. saw his 277 take high single with Chris Marquette’s 267 second and Terry Gregory’s 258 third.

For the B division, Elliott had high triple (634) over Ted Banisch (576) and Doug Griese (569). Ray Marquette’s 228 single was the best with Dave Waldner and Virginia Clark sharing second at 216. The hardest award to win – most improved average – went to Shelly Wright who climbed from 161 to 173.

Ladies awards went to Wright for her 607 triple and Brenda Herchenroder for her 245 single. After the third longest tenure in the league, Fred Bennett is stepping aside and will bowl next season at Hamilton Mountain Bowl. Special thanks are extended to Virginia Clark and Carol Stickney for joining the league mid season.

At Prime Time Bowl, William Russell and Lionel Lewis both started with 10 strikes as Russell hit 289 and Lewis, 286. Matthew Lewis, 15, rolled his first ever 290 game.

In Hamilton Tenpin trivia, the eight men in the Westinghouse League with 300 games are Jim Kompare, Graham Hartley, Marty Stokes, Rob Brookes, Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Art Oliver Jr. and Wendell Harrison. High triple all time is 781 by Art Oliver Sr.