Brandford Boys capture City Tenpin League title

The Brantford Boys traveled from Wayne Gretzky’s hometown and made the trip worthwhile, capturing the title in the City Tenpin League at Skyway Lanes.

Securing the $800 prize in Canada’s oldest certified league (105 years) were the three Gambles, Jamie, Tim and Mike, along with Jim Selmes. The Rookies were second and Cote’s Boys third. Dave Clark won the high aggregate at 21,027 pins and high average at 206 over Jamie Gamble’s 205, Bill Lishinski’s 204, and Mick Anderer’s 203.

For high triple honours, Jamie Gamble won with a 739 with Lishinski’s 726 and Anderer’s 722 next.

The best you can get in 10 pin bowling is 300 and Lishinski’s 300 won high single over Jamie Gamble’s 299 followed by Anderer (279) and Tim Gamble (278).

Lishinski also won most improved average going from 193 to 204.

The “B” division winners were Randy Latendre 658 and Tim LaCroix 651, for high triple, and Latendre 267 and Gerry Cote 265 for high single. The five winners in the annual seniors tournament were Dennis Goodburn, Phil Morris, Mike LaCroix, Rick Bukowski and Terry Cope.

Jamie Gamble had the most 700s at three while Dave Clark had the most 600s with 21. Lishinski tripped 10 games of 250 or better with his ace and a 287 leading the way.

Mo and The Boys waited until the last moment to capture first place in the VSL at Skyway Lanes. Taking first were Jim Margueratt and Maureen and Brian Cooper. Tying for second were the Thunderbirds of Chuck and Mike Ellis and The Lucky Sevens with Ed Margueratt, Joan Tidey and John Rees.
For the men, Mike Ellis was first with his 202 average followed by Chuck Ellis and ED Margueratt at 192 each. Mike Ellis also had high triple at 721 and high single at 279. Seconds were Ed Margueratt 701 and Tom Cowles 267. Jen Olmsted was first for the ladies with her 173 average, 635 triple and 257 single.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, an important name was omitted from the list of perfect games in the Westinghouse League. There was nine men with 300 games, and omitted was Lionel Lewis Jr. Also, in 1995, Gary Reid rolled back-to-back games of 282 and 300 at Skyway Lanes. Games were 161, 282, 300 and 209 for 948.