Hamilton wins 50th CANUSA Games, ties all-time series

Flint may have led CANUSA after the first day for the 14th time in the last 15 years, but they haven’t been able to win in Hamilton since 1981. And keeping with that tradition, Hamilton tied the all-time series at 25-25 on Saturday, winning 9 of the 17 events.

Not that winning and losing has been the emphasis of CANUSA organizers throughout the years.

“Of course, you’d like to win once in a while, but it’s about sportsmanship and camaraderie,” Hamilton mayor Fred Eisenberger said during the opening ceremonies at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Hamilton dominated in golf, bowling, darts, swimming, lawn bowling, slo-pitch, table tennis, tennis, and skeet. Flint responded with wins in basketball, gymnastics, karate, soccer, softball, track and field, and girls volleyball. The two cities tied in baseball; games policy states that a tie is ruled in favour of the visiting team.

The 50th anniversary edition of the CANUSA games were dedicated to CHML legend Bill Sturrup. For more than four decades, until his death last January, Sturrup served many important roles for the CANUSA organization, including President.

Results Summary

Hamilton (9 wins)

*Baseball (4-4)
Golf (60-15)
Bowling (122-94)
Darts (135-87)
Swimming (710-266)
Lawn Bowling (2-0)
Slo-pitch (2-0)
Table Tennis (21-13)
Tennis (25-5)
Skeet (796-956)

Flint (8 wins)

*Baseball (4-4)
Basketball (28-4)
Gymnastics (294.33 – 283.25)
Karate (171-143)
Track and Field
Girls Volleyball

*It is CANUSA Games policy that in the event of a tie, the tie is ruled in favour of the visiting team.