Harry has a Knight to remember in new 10-pin season

The new tenpin bowling season was only two games old when the first perfect game of the season was turned in by 55-year-old Harry Knight in the Tuesday Early Birds League at Prime Time Bowling. With an average of 181 last season, Knight started with a 214 before capturing the elusive 300 game with three solid tenth frame strikes. No let down for Knight who finished with a strong 222 for a 736 triple, just 41 pins behind his all time high trio of 777. His previous high games were a pair of 290s along with a 289. The Brantford resident has been bowling for 30 years and for the past 20 years has been employed at Pres-Vac in Burlington.

This is his third season bowling at Prime Time Bowling which saw eight of the 13 perfect games recorded last season in the association. Overall there were 30 honour scores of 300, 299, 298 games or 800 triples rolled last season in sanctioned leagues. But, there were also eight honour scores, including two 300 games, bowled in unsanctioned leagues and will receive no official recognition.

The eight perfect men at this excellent 32-lane house were William Russell, Lionel Lewis Jr., Jeff Lofft, Rob Ward, Brian DeFrancesco and leading the pack was Art Oliver Jr. with a trio of 300 games. Striking perfection at other houses were Bill Lishinski and Larry Legg at Skyway Lanes, Tom Johnston at Hamilton Mountain Bowl, Russell at Burlington Bowl and John Henley at Star Lanes in Brantford. The all time total for 300s in the Hamilton and District Tenpin Bowling Association is 237. Skyway Lanes is number one with 93 followed by Hamilton Mountain Bowl at 70 and Burlington Bowl at 39. Prime Time Bowling is moving up the list fast with 19 perfect games. Tied for first place with eight perfect games each are Troy Demers, Aaron Bouchard, Bill Rowe Jr. and Art Oliver Jr.

Final membership figures for last season show Hamilton with 1,938 sanctioned bowlers – 1,048 men, 638 women and 270 junior boys and girls – competing in 74 sanctioned leagues in seven local tenpin houses.

Hamilton is No. 4 in Ontario behind Toronto 6,183, Windsor 4,200 and Niagara 1,990.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: James Carrington, eight years old, spared the difficult 7 – 10 split at Hamilton Mountain Bowl in 1994. Sean Bailey, 35, has spared the same split at least nine times. Leaving the same 7 – 10 split for 298 games were Joe Borkovic, Art Oliver Jr., Bob Hopton and Tim Enoksen.