Johnston & Lofft Perfect on Same Day

Thirty minutes. Half a hour. That’s all it took to record a pair of perfect games at Burlington’s Prime Time Bowl.

Tom Johnston received a call to spare in the Classic Doubles League and proceeded to trip his third career 300 game after a 210 opener. No let down for Mister “T” as he followed with 236 and 227 games for a 973 set. His other perfectos were at Hamilton Mountain Bowl earlier this year and back in 2004. His average last season was 206 and his daughter, Christine, captured high average at 145, high triple 528 and high single 212 in the Prep Girls division last season. Youth leagues are currently run at Hamilton Mountain Bowl, Skyway Lanes, Burlington Bowl, Prime Time Bowling and Star Lanes in the Hamilton Tenpin Association every Saturday and Sunday, along with Thursdays at Prime Time Bowling.

Thirty minutes after Johnston was perfect, Jeff Lofft tallied his second career 300 game as he finished off an even 900 series with the ace. Previous games were a pair of 203s and a 194 for a 600 triple. Lofft’s other 300 was earlier this year, also at Prime Time. In the first five weeks of this season there has been five 300 games, with four at Prime Time and the other at Hamilton Mountain Bowl.

Art Oliver Jr. followed a first frame spare with 10 strikes for a 289 single at PTB. Todd Downey tossed a 278, Richard Parker a 277 in a 949 series, Dan O’Neale a 270, Parker again with a 266 and topping the juniors was Matthew Lewis with a 273 single for a 685 triple and 895 series. Other top juniors were Brian Defrancesco 877 and Matt Kennedy 871.

On another night Oliver blasted a 941 set with a 247 high game. The annual seniors tournament is set for Skyway Lanes on Oct. 13-14. Entry forms are in all local tenpin houses. The annual awards night is Oct. 28 at Burlington’s Holiday Inn.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: In 1955, Jim Bonk won the Hamilton Singles Championships at Pla Mor Lanes, now a used furniture store on the first floor and apartments on the second, with a 198 average. Next were Dick Bukowski, Fred Rosettani, Leo Gral and Gabe Bihary. Stan Prokop won in 1958.