Lionel Lewis Jr. Rolls First 800 of Season

Lionel Lewis Jr., 38, has rolled the first 800 triple of the 2007-2008 tenpin season with an 806 effort at Burlington’s Prime Time Bowling. After starting with two 268 games, Lewis was in position with one ball to roll in the third game for a record 268 triplicate. Knocking down one pin would have given him the record over Klaus Herchenroder who had three consecutive games of 223. Trying for the seven pin, Lewis was close but knocked down the four, seven and eight pins for a 270 game and the 806 (268,268,270) triple. A 216 fourth game gave him a 1022 four game series.

The Canadian record triplicate is 279 by Michael Schmidt of Winnipeg. Lewis has topped 800 three times now after previous efforts of 836 and 813. Troy Demers holds the Hamilton record with five 800 triples, 822, 816, 808, 802 and 801.

Bill Rowe Jr. has four, 852, 823, 805 and 801. Last season Lewis set a Hamilton record with a 235 average and is currently knocking the pins down at a 223 clip, one pin behind Art Oliver Jr.’s 224.

Five days before Lewis hit 806, Paul Cressman of Kitchener was the star of Prime Time Bowling with a near perfect 299 game, leaving a stubborn two pin on his last shot. He followed with a 279 game for a 780 (202, 299, 279) triple. A 223 fourth game left him with a 1003 series. All 1000 series this season have been recorded at Prime Time with William Russell registering an even 1000 earlier. Lewis isn’t the only super bowler in his family as son Matthew, 16, fired a 719 (248,235,236) triple and 987 series with a 268 fourth game.

In a tournament at this excellent 32-lane house, Art Oliver Jr. smashed a 290 single, earning a C.T.F. 11 in a row award. Other fine performances were Richard Parker 976 with a 751 triple and 278 single, Shawn Anderson 946 and 921, Conrad Merkir 950 and super singles John Cherriere, Lionel Lewis and Sioban Frey 279 and Dennis Sabourin with a 116 average, spared the seven-ten split.

At Skyway Lanes, Doug Schatz missed perfection by two pins as the six and ten refused to fall after 11 strikes for a 298 game. Along with earlier games of 205, 189 and 258, his series was 952. After rolling a her all-time high single of 190, Denise Margueratt followed it two weeks later with five strikes in a row and her first ever 200 game. The first-year bowler also surpassed her 481 high triple with a 487. Greg Helman twice surpassed his 124 average with games of 214 and 208. Chris Marquette blasted a 695 triple with 258 and 254 highs and Sheila Moser served a 636 (228).

In a previous Hamilton Scores column, it was mentioned that Don Wira rolled back-to-back 300 games in Buffalo in 1986. That was a mistake. The correct name was Don Schatz. In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, the only games of 295 in our history were rolled five weeks apart in spring 1997 by Don Deveau and Bill Lohnes.