Record set at Prime Time Bowling

Four honour scores in one night. That was the record set at Burlington’s Prime Time Bowling, and but for seven pins, it was almost five.

An honour score is a game of 298, 299 or 300, or a triple of 800 or better. Continuing his pursuit of first place among 300 local shooters was William Russell, 23, who notched his third of the season and his sixth overall. He didn’t waste any time in scoring number six as he started off the night with the 300, followed by 255 and 238 for a 793 triple. A 254 fourth game lifted him to a 1047 series.

Coming in with two honour scores was Jeff Lofft who also started the night’s action with a 300, followed by 247 and 269 for an 816 triple. A final effort of 225 left him with a series of 1041. The fourth honour score was courtesy of Vic Riding who smoked an 804 triple with games of 278, 269 and 257. Two honour scores have been rolled in one day for the previous record. Tom Johnston and Lofft rolled 300’s on the same day last October at Prime Time, Ed Maurer and Troy Demers were perfect on the same day in April 2003 at Hamilton Mountain Bowl and John Greaves rolled a pair of 299 games the same day in 1983 at Skyway Lanes, the first in a league and the other in the association tournament.

With his latest 300, Russell has moved within two of the first place total of eight 300s shared by Bill Rowe Jr., Art Oliver Jr., Troy Demers and Aaron Bouchard. Along with a 299 and a pair of 800 triples, Russell has nine honour scores in his brief tenpin career. just nine behind Demers leading total of 16. Rowe and Demers are not bowling locally, but Demers could be returning next month.

In other Prime Time action, Conrad Merkir threw 11 strikes and a second frame spare for a 280 while Rich Parker tallied a 269 and Stewart Shea missed 1000 by 22 pins with games of 243, 255, 258 and 222. Marty Stokes gave an indication of things to come with a 256 game. Two days later Stokes had his fifth perfect game in an 896 (159, 237, 300, 190) series. When John Cherriere threw a 298 a few days previous, he also turned in a 266. Paul Cressman cranked a 710 triple with a 274 game and Shawn Anderson managed a 951 series with a 267 high game.

At Skyway Lanes, Scott Grunau saw three pins standing after 11 strikes for a 297 game. On the same team and in the same game, Aaron Bouchard started and ended with a spare for a 279 game. Ed Margueratt carded a 232 and spared the 6-7-9-10 split and brother Jim tossed a 231. Carter Bailey, nine, scored a personal high game of 149 with his 94 average. In a practice session he beat it three times with 167, 152 and 149. Grandfather Garry has one perfect game while father Sean has four.

In Hamilton Tenpin trivia, Bob Coulter’s last bowling column in the Hamilton Spectator after over 30 years was April 12, 2006. He started in August 1975. Bob recently celebrated an important birthday. Happy birthday Bob.