Matthew Lewis, 16, rolls perfect game

Six weeks ago Matthew Lewis concluded his junior bowling career with a 278 game and averages for the last two seasons of 198 and 207. Plus, on May 1, 2005 he became the youngest Hamilton bowler with an honour score of 299 at Skyway Lanes at age 13 years and eight months.

Now the 16-year-old (and five months) has a perfect 300 game to his credit as he threw 12 perfect pocket strikes at Prime Time Bowling. He is the second youngest perfect Hamilton bowler after Jennifer Olmsted who tallied 300 at Skyway in 2001 at 15 years and four months.

Lewis is also the second youngest in his family with an ace as his father, Lionel, was perfect in 1987 just after he turned 18. The 300 followed earlier efforts of 193, 223 and 198 for a 914 set. His first two sets as an adult were 976 and 933. The Churchill Secondary School student is averaging 211 at Prime Time Bowling. Two weeks ago, he participated in the annual mixed doubles tournament with his great grandmother, Lil McManus.

Five minutes after Lewis was perfect, Jeff Lofft was part of history again, when for the third time this season at Prime Time Bowling, he threw a perfect game the same night as another 300 game was rolled at the 32- lane house which is currently undergoing renovations. A grand re-opening is set for March 9.

In October Lofft was perfect along with Tom Johnston and in December he was again perfect along with William Russell. This time he threw games of 221, 245, 226 and 300 for 992. Lofft now has four 300 games, all in the last 13 months. There has been 13 perfect games this season, 11 at Prime Time Bowling and one each at Skyway Lanes and Hamilton Bowl.

Lionel Lewis returned to the lanes after an injury and after a 184 game, blasted 245, 279 and 269 for a 977. Russell Ross started and ended the night with 278 games for a 982 set and William Russell slapped a 922 (265). The previous week super singles were Matthew Lewis 278, Richard Parker 275, Art Oliver Jr. 255 and Jim Librock a 712 triple.

At Skyway Lanes, Ed Margueratt rolled three 600 triples in a row, 637, 650, 624. Doug Stickney warmed up for his golf trip with a 658, Mike Ellis slapped a 639, Jennifer Olmsted 624 (231), Ron Wilson dealt a 234 game and Tammy Bryant recorded her first 200 game, a 201. Top four game sets were Mike Ellis 980 (204, 259, 259, 258) and Aaron Bouchard 965 (234, 265, 279, 187).

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, When Lionel Lewis rolled a 300 game at Skyway in 1992, his teammates only rolled 147, 144, 141 and 141. They won the game.

In 1981 at Hamilton Bowl, Sherry Lake rolled 94, 112 then her first ever 200, a 210.