Come out and have a ball – Bowling ready for Prime Time

In only their fourth season of operation, Prime Time Bowling in Burlington, under owner Domenic Marciano, has undergone renovations which will be unveiled to the public on Sunday March 9 at 12pm.

Topping the many changes is the new Brunswick “Vector Plus” scoring system. The “state of the art” system features many interactive games such as “Speed Strike”, “Fast Lane”,” Walking Pin” and “Tug O’ War” along with the usual scoring features. They alley will be most modern in Canada, with the only others available locally in Mississauga and Niagara Falls.

Starting at noon on Sunday, General Manager Lionel Lewis Jr. will be on hand along with lane mechanic Amanda Lupton to welcome everyone. There will be free hot dogs and t-shirts plus raffles for bowling balls. K-Lite FM will also be on-site for the festivities.

Lanes 29 to 32 are separated from the other lanes making it into a VIP room, with four comfy couches. There are also two party rooms at each end of Prime Time. A large billboard on Harvester Road invites people to “Come out and have a Ball”.

The day before, Prime Time Bowling will be hosting the annual “Tim Hortons Big Brothers, Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake” from 1pm to 4pm. It also takes place on Wednesday March 19 at Prime Time at 6:00pm, and on Saturday March 29 at Hamilton Mountain Bowl starting at 9:00 am for 12 hours. The official spokesman is Scott Thompson from AM900 CHML.

On the Prime Time lanes, Sioban Frey followed a first frame spare with 11 strikes for a super 290 game. Dan O’Neale finished with 10 strikes for a 279 game and 922 set. Just missing 1000 were Art Oliver Jr. 999 (277, 248, 236, 238) and Pat Desjardins 990 (262, 237, 233, 258). Other fine efforts were William Russell 955 with three consecutive 245 games, Todd Downey 951 with a 279, Lionel Lewis Jr. 914 and singles of 279 and 268 by Matthew Lewis, 279 by Russell and 256 by Ian Hazelton.

At Skyway Lanes, Tim Gamble scored his first ever 700 as games of 247, 278 and 214 produced a 739. Wayne Lockhart, 149 average, had the first eight strikes for a 278 game and 655 triple. Mike Savoie used a 245, 264 finish to total 671, Mike Ellis tallied 654 and 643 triples while Jen Olmsted pitched a 619.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, The first 300 at Prime Time was rolled by Troy Demers on December 20, 2004. In March 1998, Garry Bailey rolled a 269 at Skyway Lanes and ten minutes later, son Sean beat it with a 276.