A pair of 10-pin firsts for Mark Cardwell and Lionel Lewis Jr.

A pair of firsts in tenpin action as Mark Cardwell fired his first perfect game at Skyway Lanes and Lionel Lewis Jr. rolled his first 298 game at Prime Time Bowling.

Cardwell had 602 (223,166,213) after his first three games before a cross over eleventh strike and a late falling six pin for the twelfth gave him his 300 game and the 14th in the association this season.

Lewis had four 300 games, four games of 299 and a pair of 800 triples to his credit but had never recorded a 298. After starting with 231 and 226, Lewis left up the three-ten split after 11 strikes for the 298. A 192 finale gave him a 947 set.

In a span of three days, a pair of 290 games were turned in at Skyway. In the association’s annual tournament, Marty Stokes threw his 290 and then Mark Herchenroder started off the Westinghouse action with his 290 en route to a 667 triple. His brother, Nobby, also started the night big with a 254 for a 637 triple, then Terry Gregory saw a 278 game lift him to a 669. Joe Borkovic also beat the 250 mark as a 259 game gave him a 651 triple.

With father Chuck coaching, Mike Ellis blasted games of 279 and 248 for a 728 triple and in front of parents Evelyn and Ron, Jen Olmsted started with six strikes for a 265 game. The previous week, Ellis hit 654 and Olmsted 619.

Aleta Manning grooved a 267 game for the Monday Knight Ladies. Walter Balog started with 232 and 267, slipped to 156 before a 223 finish left him with a 878 set. Barb Hollands reports that John Burke tripped a pair of 244 games for a devil of a triple, 666. Ed Margueratt has made it six 600 triples in seven weeks with 619 and 630 to raise his average to 193. The other four were 637, 650, 624 and 636.

In the annual junior association tournament at Burlington Bowl, Laurie Bailey, 12, with a 118 average rolled a pair of personal highs, a 178 game and 462 triple. Her nine-year-old brother, Carter, matched her with a 165 game and 449 triple. These scores are reported by proud father Sean.

While the 300 by Cardwell and the 298 by Lewis were sanctioned, a 300 and a 298 last week were not. The 300 was in an unsanctioned league and the 298 was by an unsanctioned bowler. The 300 is the second this season in an unsanctioned league.

In Tenpin Trivia, Mel Gibson has acquired an eight lane installation for his private island in northern Fiji and retired NFL star, Jerome Bettis (Pittsburg Steelers) has rolled a perfect game. The Las Vegas Palms has a suite with two bowling lanes which goes for 10 grand a night.