Grunau and Clark set doubles record

The second Hamilton tenpin record score of the season was set at Skyway Lanes where Scott Grunau and Wayne Clark Jr. fired a two-man, four game score of 1,931. Grunau, dealt games of 265, 243, 225 and 244 for a 977 while Clark tripped games of 234, 278, 211 and 231 for a 954 and the record total.

The old record of 1,922 was set by John Cherriere, 967, and Jayson Legg, 955. The season’s first record score was a 773 triple by Catherine Willis at Burlington Bowl. Her sister, Jennifer Park, recently set a Canadian high triple record for women with 834 (279,255,300) in Nanaimo, B.C. A 267 fourth game gave her an impressive quartet of 1,101. The men’s triple record is 879 by Guillaume Nadeau of Quebec.

Minutes after Jen Olmsted set a new high triple in the VSL at Skyway with 641, Lesley Ledger beat it by one pin with a 642 helped by a 255 single.

Mike Ellis continued to hold a hot hand with a 704 triple after earlier efforts of 728 and 654. Yours truly fired his highest triple in over two years with a 637 (214,213,210), including a pair of five strikes in a row.

Two weeks ago Mark Cardwell threw a 300 at Skyway and last week, Steve Cardwell (no relation) started with nine strikes in P&G action before a split left him with a 266 game and a century award for the 159 average kegler. He missed Mark Ward’s high single of 267 by one pin, but pushed Bill Lucas’s 258 to third. Kristy Toth’s 258 leads the ladies. For the Westinghouse group, Nobby Herchenroder tied Chris Marquette’s high triple of 695 with games of 233, 257 and 205. Marquette carded a 647, Joe Hudacek a 637, Jeff Lang a 625 and Fred Bird was flying high as a 246 game lifted him to an even 600. Ed Margueratt just missed 600 with a 594 (227). Ron Smith spared the 7 – 10 split.

At Prime Time Bowling, William Russell pitched a 970 (268), Lionel Lewis had a 928 (268), Sioban Frey was 902 (245) and Vic Riding had a 278 single. In a previous column it was mentioned that Lewis left up the 3 – 10 split for his 298 game. That was a mistake. He actually left the two and eight pins. Another mistake was in his number of 800 triples. He has three, 836, 813 and this season an 806. His correct Hamilton honour score totals are four perfect games, four 299 games, the 298 game and the three 800 triples for 12 honour scores. In first place are Troy Demers and Aaron Bouchard at 16 each. Art Oliver Jr. has 15 and Bill Rowe ,14.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, CHML radio aired a pair of bowling shows, “Down The Alleys” with Norm Marshall in 1943 and “Bowling Round The Town” with John Dickins in 1954. CHCH televised “Challenge The Champions” from Hamilton Centre Bowl with Marshall and Don Watson in the 1960s.