Catherine Willis breaks triple record again

For the second time this season, Catherine Willis has broken the high triple record for Hamilton women with a fantastic 795 at Burlington Bowl. An eight-strike performance in game one gave her a 237. Then magic, as she rolled her second ever perfect game in game number two. Willis started game three with a double to run her string to 14 strikes before leaving a single pin. Six more strikes in a row followed for an overall run of 20 strikes in 21 attempts and a 258 game and record setting 795 triple. A stubborn seven pin in the last frame cost her the coveted 800 triple.

Overall, Willis rolled 29 strikes and on six occasions left up only one pin. Her first record breaker was in November with a 773 (279, 215, 279) which beat Sioban Frey’s 771. Willis, who was the 1991 World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year, scored her first 300 in 1994 in the World Cup Provincials in Vancouver. Almost four years ago she rolled a 299 at Burlington Bowl. Her current average of 216 is one pin better than Connie Ward’s record of 215.

Excellent bowling runs in the Willis family as her sister, Jennifer Park, has fired a record triple of her own with a Canadian high for women 834 (279,255,300) in Nanaimo B.C. Another top bowler in the family is their sister Kimberly Green. Catherine holds two Canadian records, averaging 235 each time for nine games and 10 games in tournaments in B.C. Another top woman bowler is Kerrie Ryan Ciach, wife of former Hamilton bowler Joe Ciach and who eight days before Willis’ 795 blasted an Ontario record for women with an 827 (289,280,258) triple in Toronto.

On Nov. 23, 2004, David White was disappointed in leaving up two pins for a 298 game at Skyway Lanes. Last week at Skyway he had another chance and didn’t come away disappointed again as they all fell on his last delivery for the magic 300 game and 710 (188, “300”, 222) triple.

The next night at Skyway, Art Oliver Sr., started with 169 and 200 before throwing 12 in the pocket but a 10-pin stood up on his last delivery for a 299 game and 668 triple. If that pin had fallen, he would have had the ninth 300 in the Westinghouse league joining Jim Kompare, Graham Hartley, Marty Stokes, Lionel Lewis Jr., Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Wendell Harrison and his son Art Oliver Jr. as perfect Westinghouse bowlers. Art Oliver Sr. has the highest triple ever in the league, a 781 with a 289 single. In December 2000 he saw all the pins fall for a 300 at Hamilton Bowl. His son Art has eight perfect games. The only other 299’s in the league were by Morgan Lynes & Rob Brookes. Steve Glanville rolled a 298 in the last game of the 1997-98 season. The highest average belongs to Tim Enoksen at 215.

In Hamilton Tenpin trivia, one year before he rolled the 298, Glanville went from a 97 game to a 250 while his father Bill went from a 257 to a 160. Three years later Bill followed four open frames with eight strikes for a 216.