Trio of 299 Games in Tenpin Bowling

Five days after Art Oliver Sr. fired a 299 game at Skyway Lanes, his son Art Oliver Jr. matched it with his own 299 game at Prime Time Bowling.

Father left up a ten pin for his 299 and son left up a six pin for his 299, the third of his career. After starting with a 245, Art Jr. threw the 299 for a 544 double. Needing at least 256 for his fourth 800 triple, he surpassed it by 12 pins as the 268 gave him an 812. No letting down for the
young Oliver as a 232 finale lifted him to a 1044 series. With these pair of 299 games, the Oliver’s became only the second Hamilton father son duo with 299’s, with the other Larry & Jayson Legg. With the 299 & 812, Art Oliver Jr. now is in first place with local honour scores at 17, one more than Troy Demers & Aaron Bouchard.

The same night as Art Oliver Jr. was throwing his 299, Prime Time also was witness to another 299 as Shawn Anderson left up a seven pin after 11 strikes for his 299. After starting with 255 & 230, Anderson saw the 299 enable him to total 784 for his three games. Three times this season, a pair of perfect games were thrown on the same night at Prime Time. This is the first time 299’s have been tallied on the same night.

To finish off a trio of 299 games in six days, Corey Ferguson saw a ten pin stop his bid for perfection at Hamilton Bowl. A low second game was followed by a pair of 190’s for an 818 set. There have been 16 perfect games this season and nine games of 299. Helping make up the 33 honour scores this season are four 298’s and four 800 triples.

In a previous column it was stated that when Matthew Lewis fired a perfect game at Prime Time he was the second youngest in the Hamilton Association with a 300 game. That is not true. The youngest is still Jennifer Olmsted at age 15 years four months, but the second youngest is Travis Cauley at 15 years seven months. Lewis is the third youngest at 16 years five months. Lewis is the youngest with an honour score as he fired a 299 at 13 years eight months.

More of Travis Cauley, who turns 20 in September, will be in a future column. His mother Jeanette is the sports co-ordinator of the 2008 Canusa Games which has the bowling tryouts at Skyway Lanes in June. The head coach is Tom “Mr. T.” Johnston. These tryouts are open to all youth bowlers aged 11 to 21. Info sheets are available at all local tenpin houses.

Your never to old too bowl is true at Skyway Lanes on Thursdays as the 24 team league features three bowlers age 90 or better and 20 to 25 others in their 80’s. Russ Lee will be 94 next month and Hugh Dainty & Bill Jones are both 92. Bill’s son Paul bowls in the league and holds high average at 197.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, Clayton Kinzel rolled a 298 one day before his 66th birthday in 1986 & Oz Harris rolled a 299 at 75 in 1999, both at Skyway. Both are still active on the lanes. Kinzel bowled in Reno last year & Winnipeg last week in tournaments.