It’s a perfect finish for Mike Ellis

In the second game of the 2007- 2008 tenpin bowling season, Harry Knight fired a 300 game at Prime Time Bowling. Then in the last game of the season, Mike Ellis fired a perfect game in the V. S. L. league at Skyway Lanes.

After starting with 198 and 242 games, Ellis achieved perfection by rolling 12 consecutive strikes for the ultimate 300. He had come close before with 10 straight strikes for a 289 game and 787 triple in tournament action at Burlington Bowl, and a 290 in a summer league at Skyway. With the fantastic finish to the season, the 300 lifted Ellis to a 217 average, 15 pins over his 202 finish from last season. His 740 (198, 242, 300) triple was the league’s best with Ed Margueratt’s 650 second and Derek Hannah’s 642 third. Behind the 217 by Ellis, Margueratt had a 193 average and Hannah a 187. The positions were reversed for high single as Hannah had a 267 and Margueratt a 245 behind the 300. For the women, Lesley Ledger dealt a 178 average, a 642 triple while Jen Olmsted had a 265 single.

In second place were Olmsted with a 176 average, Ledger’s 265 single and Olmsted’s 641 triple. The top team was the Damn Family of Lesley and Andy Ledger with Frances Earl. Ellis paired with John Rees to capture second high team. This Monday night league is looking for new bowlers. If interested please call new league secretary Jim Margueratt at 637-5521.

With the 300 by Ellis probably the last this season, depending on sanctioned summer leagues, the perfect game total will be 18, tied for second highest ever in a season behind the 23 recorded in 1998-99.

The 12 games of 299 are third high behind season totals of 14 and 13 while the four games of 298 are tied for fourth behind the record of seven nine years ago. The six 800 triples, all at Prime Time, are tied for second behind the seven, also from nine years ago. The 40 honour scores are second after the 45, again from nine years ago. Jeff Lofft notched four honour scores, a trio of 300s and an 816 triple. Also with three perfect games was William Russell while Aaron Bouchard moved into first place for local 300 games with his ninth. Of the 40 honour scores, Prime Time had 27, while Skyway saw eight, Hamilton Bowl, four, and one at Burlington Bowl.

Since Harvey Bray pitched our first ace 46 years ago at long gone Hamilton Centre Bowl, 255 perfect games our in the history books.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, 10 years ago Steve Glanville fired a 298 in the last game of the season at Skyway. Also saving the best for last was 74-year-old Bill Bailey with a league high single of 269 in the finale of the 1965 season. When Mike Ellis rolled his 300 game, it was on lanes 19 and 20 at Skyway. His opponent that night was Derek Hannah, who had the last 300 in the V.S.L. league, on the same lanes. The first, and only other, 300 in the league was by John Brezden on lanes 23 and 24.