Ryan Setton makes his adult debut a successful one

Ryan Setton, in his first year of adult competition, has won the second annual Molson’s Handicap Tournament at Prime Time Bowling in Burlington. The top 24 in several qualifying rounds advanced to final day action for the tournament; Setton used a 724 scratch triple, 751 with his 27 pin-handicap to qualify.

Richard Parker, 815, and Shawn Anderson, 811, used their scratch 800s to top the qualifiers. Of the 49 triples of 800 or better in the Hamilton Association records books, the 815 and 811 are the only 800s ever rolled in tournament action. They received byes for placing first and second, as did third place qualifier Sioban Ryans, 768 scratch and 792 handicap, and Aaron Martin, 712 scratch and 790 handicap for fourth. Another seven qualifiers recorded 700 triples. They were William Russell, 768, Art Oliver Jr., 741, John Cherriere, 735, Larry Salvati Jr., 730, Kevin Picott, 726, Chris Nardi, 701, Ron Gilmour, 700. and Anderson, who in addition to his 811 threw a 784. To advance to the finals it took a handicap score of 697, which was dealt by Matthew Lewis.

After a qualifying round on the final day, it was win or go home for Martin, Matt Kennedy, Anderson and Setton. In a high scoring match, Martin used nine strikes in a row from the third frame to defeat Kennedy 277- 245. Kennedy was awarded a $300 scholarship as he is still a junior bowler. Then extra time was needed in Martin’s next match with Anderson. With a handicap of 26 pins, Martin was ahead before a costly ninth frame split lead to a final total of 216. Anderson started with a four bagger before a split slowed him down in frame five. Needing a strike and nine count spare to win by one pin, Anderson threw the strike but up popped the 6 – 7 split. Playing it safe and going for the tie, he took out the six pin for the 216 tie. In a one ball PBA rolloff, Martin left a ten pin and Anderson threw a strike and advanced to the title match against Setton.

Martin collected $460.00 for his effort.

Strings of three and four strikes in a row by Setton offset a five bagger by Anderson and Setton claimed the $1,600 top prize with his 253 (including a nine-pin handicap) against Anderson’s 238. Anderson went home with $800.

There were 78 entries and the defending champ, Jason Henhawk of Brantford, was eliminated early. Next year’s tournament director Lionel Lewis Jr. said that the qualifying rounds will start earlier, maybe in January.

In his return to action at Burlington Bowl, Sam Gualtieri fired a 620 triple in his second week back.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, Hamilton’s “Mayor Of The Morning”, Paul Hanover of CHML radio 900, was a pinboy at the Olympia Alleys, managed by Jim Ivals, in the basement of the Lister building in the late 1930’s. There were eight five pin alleys, and they were also known as the Lister Bowling Association.

Hamilton Centre Bowl opened on July 6, 1961 with 48 lanes and closed seven years later.