St. Kitts’ rower takes aim at Paralympics

Coxswain Laura Comeau of St. Catharines will take her crew in the LTA4+ (Legs, trunk and arms coxed four) division at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, Sept. 9-11. Canada’s three adaptive rowing crews recently arrived in China, in the lead up to rowing’s Paralympic debut.

The 25-year-old Comeau, affiliated with the Ridley Graduate Boat Club and a graduate of the University of Miami in Florida, will lead Megan Montgomery, Victoria City Rowing Club/Winnipeg Rowing Club; Victoria Nolan, Argonaut Rowing Club, Scott Rand, Calgary Rowing Club, and Tony Theriault, Victoria City Rowing Club/Nanaimo RC.

Rowing is the youngest sport in the Paralympic Games. It was introduced to the Paralympic program in 2005 and will hold its first Paralympic competitions at Beijing.

Adaptive Rowing is rowing or sculling for athletes with a disability who meet the criteria as set out in the Adaptive Rowing classification regulations. Races are held over 1,000 metres for all four events (Canada is entered in three events).

The events will take place at Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park near Beijing, site of the recent Olympic regatta where Canada won four rowing medals – a gold, silver and two bronze.

The rest of the Canadian team is:

TA2x (trunk and arms double scull) – Wilfredo (Papito) MorĂ© Wilson, Argonaut Rowing Club; Caitlin Renneson, Ottawa Rowing Club.

AM1x (men’s single, arms only) – Steve Daniel, Sudbury Rowing Club.