Anderson picks up perfectly where he left off

Shawn Anderson has set a different kind of Hamilton record as he became the first bowler to roll the last 300 game of one season, then became the first bowler to start off the next season with another 300 game.

Last May he threw his first ever 300 game at Prime Time Bowling, and it was the 18th and last of the 2007-2008 season. Now he has the first 300 of the 2008-2009 campaign as he dealt games of 189, 241, “300” and 222 for a 952 set at Prime Time.

Along with the pair of 300 games, Anderson has two 299s, a 298, and an 811 triple in his career. With this latest 300, there are now 256 in the Hamilton record books with Prime Time’s 32 in fourth place rapidly approaching the top three of Skyway Lanes at 97, Hamilton Bowl at 71 and Burlington Bowl at 40.

Within two days, a pair of 290 games were turned in by Howard Schulnick at Prime Time and Ed Maurer at Skyway. Maurer saved the best for last as he had a 621 triple before throwing the 290 for a 911 set while Sculnick bagged an
895. The previous week Sculnick smoked an 876.

Also at Prime Time, Vic Riding threw the first nine strikes for a 279 game and Mark Worotny, with his 173 average was plus 78 with a 251 game. Other fine sets were John Cherriere 921 (248), Russell Ross 920 (247), Jeff Lofft 914, Mike Murphy 880 and Louis Sturn 852.

Ed Margueratt has stirred five consecutive 600 triples at Skyway Lanes with 649, 606, 610, 609 and 635, and they include a pair of 265 games in both the VSL and Westinghouse leagues. With a 188 average, Aleta Manning sparkled for the ladies at Skyway as she was plus 165 as games of 256, 237 and 236 produced a 729 triple. After rolling an uncertified 299 in a summer league, Walter Balog has fired a pair of big certified games as he started with 10 strikes twice for 289 and 281 games. In the 289 he left the five pin and in the 281 he left up five pins after the string of 10.

Andy Ledger dumped a 616 and Jen Olmsted a 221 single. Other fine games are, Bill Lucas 244, John Zwick 234, Chris Marquette 224 and Art Oliver Sr. 220.

The entry forms for the annual seniors tournament at Skyway Lanes on Oct. 4-5 are now available.

Hamilton Bowling Trivia: Two five pins lanes were at the Notre Dame Academy on Snake Road in Waterdown from 1965 to 1995 when renovations took place. The area where the lanes were is now a park. According to Sister Irene who bowled there, they set up the pins themselves. The lanes were for
the Academy staff, and were not public.

In 1988, Bessie Cohen was still bowling at Sherwood Lanes at age 100.