Jennifer is the latest Lewis to shine

Jennifer Lewis is the latest member of her family to bowl excellent as the 15-year-old daughter of Lionel, and sister of Matthew, fired her highest ever single – a 249 – and triple 650 (199, 202, 249) in the Revolutions Juniors league at Prime Time Bowling.

With a 156 average from last season, Jen then dealt a 210 game for an 860 set. In their careers, Lionel has 12 honour scores with four perfect games and Matthew has games of 300 as an adult and 299 as a junior.

Lionel scored the first 1000 set of the season as games of 278, 224, 248 and 267 produced a 1017 at Prime Time. Matthew stroked a 919 (234, 204, 278, 203) one week and a 262 game another. Lionel then moved to Skyway Lanes and smoked a 969 (204, 258, 254,2 50).

When Shawn Anderson dealt the first 300 of the season at Prime Time, Matthew dealt a 278 and Lionel a 226 for a three man team game of 804, only 11 pins under the Hamilton record of 815 by William Russell, Jeff Lofft and Art Oliver Jr.

Last week at Prime Time, there was only a pair of notable scores, Lionel with a 900 and Lofft with an 897.

At Skyway, Lionel and Ryan Dickenson both started with nine strikes for 278 games while E.J. Celani also scored a 278. Kyle Kloosterman & Chris King both had triples over 700 and Brent Andrecyk used a 276 to score 653.

Super singles were Matt Ashley and Walter Balog (267), Mark Ward (259) and Chris Marquette (257 and 245). Gord Evans spared the “Big Four” split while Sean Bailey smashed a 711 (188,245,278), Danny Downs had 708 and Nancy Johnston used a 265 game to grab a 626 triple.

The very unusual 5-7-10 split is in the news as Bob Cox left it up twice on lane two at Skyway and Chelsea King saw it standing in junior play at Hamilton Bowl.

Ed Margueratt added his seventh 600 of the season, a 620 with a 232 game to his record and Derek Hannah who has a 300 game in late 1999 now has a 168, 169, 170 stepladder series in 2008.

With a pair of even 200s was Jim Margueratt.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: While Lionel Lewis Jr. has 12 local honour scores, he also has big games out of town, including a 300 in London, 299s in Buffalo, Port Huron Michigan and Montreal and a 297 in Mississauga. Also Earl Demmery hit 300 in Cincinnati, Troy Demers 300 in London and when Walt Bohaychuk rolled a 300 in St. Catherines in 1958 he received a TV, tires, luggage and “milk for a year”.