Willis, Mahy play copy cat in 10-pin action

Catherine Willis and Charlie Mahy rolled 289 games at Burlington Bowl as they each followed a first frame spare with 10 strikes, before a final ball nine count gave them the 289s.

Willis smashed a 757 (251,289,217) and Mahy a 717 (289,226,202) triple. Last season Willis tripped an women’s record 795 triple with a 300 game. Other terrific triples at Burlington Bowl are Victor Kaknevicius, 691, Michael Braet and Mike Longlage, 687, Chris McDonald, 680, Gary Hartling, 679,and Robert Owen, 645. Super singles are Chipper Cox. 278, Mike Longlade, 275, Chris McDonald and Bob Graham, 268, Sergio Muziera, 256, Andy Milne, 254, and Victor Kaknevicius, 253. For the Burlington Bowl juniors, Brandon Chrysler dealt a 257 and Matt Harper a 229.

A pair of fine sets from Hamilton Bowl are Bill Hicks, 965 (236,246,226,257) and Corey Davies 936 (222,269,232,213). Excellent singles are Shawn Ferguson 274, Steve Smith and Kevin Kartonchik, both with 257 and 255, Kevin Phillippo, 257 and Don Deveau with a pair of 255 games.

The annual Hamilton seniors tournament at Skyway was won by Cheryl Feller at 717 and Mike Merkir at 773 as he fired a scratch triple of 671. Bill Braid mixed a 223, Garry Bailey a 214, and Ray Gordon a 202. Coming in second were Joyce Rowett and Ray Gordon while Barbara Hollands and Ron Elliott were third.

This Sunday (Nov. 2) the awards winners from the 2007-2008 season will be honoured at the annual awards brunch at Burlington’s Holiday Inn.

John Katz had a good night in the Skyway Las Vegas league when, shortly after winning the 50/50 draw for $78, he finished off a 782 (245, 258, 279) triple with only a fourth frame spare in the third game stopping him from a 300.

Shawn Anderson surpassed 1,000 by 11 pins with games of 269, 238, 225 and 279 in Jonarc Classic action where Lionel Lewis smoked a 919 (233, 225, 238, 223). Ed Margueratt just missed his fifth career 700 triple in the VSL as a ten pin in the last frame left him with a 696 (226,246,224). The other 700s are 722, 713, 710 and 701. The 696 is the eleventh 600 of the season for the 200 average bowler.He just missed number 12 with a 592.

Other big Skyway triples are Walter Balog 719 (266, 219, 234), Gary Reid 688 (277, 199, 212), John Burke 676 (230, 224, 222) and Joe Borkovic 630. Fine singles are Jim Margueratt, 225, Jen Olmsted, 214 and Mike Sydor, 202.

At the opening event on the Pro Bowlers Tour in Wichita Kansas, George Lambert IV of Hamilton fired a 299 in his first game of qualifying. He left up a four pin. I’ll have more in the next Hamilton Scores column.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, Catherine Willis set two Hamilton records for women last season with her 217 average and 795 triple. Other high triples were 773, 734 and 727 with singles of a perfect 300 game and a pair of 279s.