The aces keep coming in 10-pin play

Three perfect games were fired at Prime Time Bowling in only a few days by Shawn Anderson, Lionel Lewis Jr. and Russell Ross.

For Anderson it’s his second 300 of the season, and third overall as he rolled 235, 300, and 257 for a sparkling 792 triple. Then it was Lewis for his fifth local ace as he tripped games of 203, 300, 207 and 239 for a 949 set. To complete the trio of perfectos, Ross bagged his 300 game as he scored games of 207, 300 and 188 for a 695 triple. Ross has a pair of sanctioned 300s in Toronto.

Anderson, who is blistering the pins at a 235 average, almost fired another perfect game. After 11 strikes, he missed the headpin and left up the 1-3-6-7 for a 296 game. Then for his next three games he managed 592 for a 888 set.

Also at Prime Time, Amanda Lupton rolled eight strikes in a row for a 240 game and added a 237 for a 658 triple and 862 set. Last season she increased her average an association-high 32 pins to 164. Lionel Lewis flipped a 923, Kevin Picott a 921 (268), Matt Lewis a 912 (248), Jennifer Lewis a 860 (249), and with 278s were Jayson Stevens and Louis Stern. Rob O’Byrne started with 10 strikes for a 289 game and Russell Ross mixed a 267.

In the Players Tournament at Prime Time, Lionel Lewis and son Matthew each won three times in the final round to meet in the deciding game with Lionel prevailing 213 to 200 for the $1,400 top prize. Matt collected $700. Jayson Stevens had a 266 game.

At Skyway Lanes, Chris King started with 10 strikes for a 286 game and 1,013 set. Crystal Maurer had the first nine for a 267 and Lionel Lewis toppled the first eight for a 268. Russ Kingston threw the last 10 for a 267, John Kersteins pumped a 266 and Matt Lewis was consistent with 235, 234 and 236.

Ed Margueratt tripped 605 and 604 triples to hit 13 for the season while yours truly finally pitched his first, a 619 with a 234 high.

Updating George Lambert in Wichita for the first stop on the Pro Bowlers Tour where he started off with a 299 game: He followed with 258 and 233 for a 790 triple. He also dealt games of 278 and 269 in placing 24th with a 215 average for 27 games. He lost in the round of 32. By winning the tournament, Norm Duke became the first Pro Bowler to win three consecutive major titles.

Lamabert joined the PBA on July 23, 2008.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Broadcaster Norm Marshall, who passed away earlier this week, hosted a bowling show on CHML radio called Down The Alleys with Jimmy Morris in 1943 and also hosted a bowling show on CHCH TV 11 called Challenge The Champions with Don Watson in the 1960s.