Quartet shows records are meant to be broken

After several new local 10-pin records were set last season, it took almost two months for the first record to be broken this season.

The four-man team, three-game record of 2,737 by Dave Custeau, Sean Bailey, Jayme Allen and Shawn Prohaska has been replaced by 86 pins with a 2,823 in the Jonarc Classic League at Skyway Lanes. A first game near perfect 299 by Chris King, he left a six pin, enabled the team to post a 992 game with Doug Schatz dealing a 277, Kyle Kloosterman a 249 and Mike Howard 167 for a team game of 992.

In game two, Schatz was tops at 256 followed by King’s 244, Kloosterman’s 215 and Howard’s 204 for a team count of 919. A third game total of 912 saw Schatz smash a 258, King a 237, Kloosterman a 236 and Howard 181 for the final total of 2,823 and the new record.

Schatz and King almost grooved 800s as Schatz dealt a 791 and King a 780. Kloosterman flipped an even 700 and Howard moved a 552. A fourth game let down saw them shoot an 806 for a four-man team, four-game total of 3,629, just missing that record by 27 pins. For his four games, Schatz blistered the pins for a 1,029 series.

Also at Skyway, Kyle Marquette missed brother Chris and his high triple of 710 in the Westinghouse League with his first ever 700, with no pins to spare as he mixed an even 700 (256). Other top triples are Jeff Lang’s 682, Sean Elley’s 658 (244), George Reid’s 657 with a 258, Gary Reid Jr.’s 639 with a 255, Russ Wright’s 656 and. with his second 600 of the season, yours truly posted a 607 after an earlier 619.

Super singles are Brian Ross at 267, Al Berg’s 261, Walter Balog’s 255, Monica Pratt’s 235. Earning a CTF Century Award was Jim Hollands with a 245. Val Noble tripped a 601 triple, Joan Tidey a 206 and Brent Andrecyk, after a 276 game one week, cracked a 169 triplicate the next. Big spare conversions were Barb Roy 4 – 10, Jim Margueratt 6 – 7, and Joan Tidey 3 – 6 – 7 – 10.

At Star Lanes in Brantford, Len Garinger Jr. fired his seventh 700 in a row to boost his average to 232. His top triples are 768, 760 and 737 and he has 10 games of 250 or better. Other 700s at Star are Darren Lane 733, and 701, both with 278 games, Terry Mees 721 (258), Josh Caldwell 719 Andrew Perkins 716 (244), Steve Balicki 710 (245) and John Henley 703 (243). Reg Howe and Kevin Moorew both scored 277s.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Al Tone rolled four no-tap 300 games in a row at Hamilton Mountain Bowl in 1982. The next year he won six times in a row on Buffalo’s Beat the Champ television show. The same year Craig Woodhouse fired a 777 (258, 280, 239) triple on the show.