Skaters sharpen routines, advance to next level

The 2009 BMO Skate Canada Sectionals Competitions have been held across Canada.

Bryce Davison, who represents the Hamilton Skating Club, with pair partner Jessica Dubé, has automatic entry to the Senior Pair category at the 2009 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships set for Saskatoon in January.

The skaters listed below advance to 2009 BMO Skate Canada Western Challenge which will take place this Dec. 3-7 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. There they will compete to qualify for the 2009 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships (Junior or Senior) or 2009 BMO Skate Canada Junior Nationals (Pre-Novice or Novice).

In Senior Women’s Kristy Bell of Burlington was fourth with 116.77 points and Kerry Meagher of Hamilton was fifth with 94.03 points. In the Junior Women section, first place was won by Rylie McCulloch-Casarsa of Burlington with 133.16 points. In second place was Burlington’s Meghan Dwyer with 106.10 points.

The Junior Dance section saw the Wentworth Club’s Maja Vermeulen and Andrew Doleman score 122.59 points for first place.

In Novice Men’s Aleksandr Eng of Hamilton was first with 79.91 points. Scoring 91.49 for first in Novice Women’s was Burlington’s Elizabeth Liao with Christina Liao of Burlington in third with a score of 82.08.

Novice Dance saw fourth place go to Wentworth club member Brittany Doleman and Kitchener-Waterloo partner Dylan Simpson with 63.61. In Pre-Novice Men, Burlington’s Pierre Albanese placed third with 52.33. Taking fifth in Pre-Novice Women with a 69.13 score was Hamilton’s Aveline Pearson who goes as an alternate.

Advancing to the directly to the 2009 BMO Skate Canada Junior Nationals with a first place finish in Juvenile Women is Taylor Hunsley of Burlington who scored 34.53.

The following skaters competed but do not advance:

Junior Women: Alyxandra Martin (6th), Burlington, 95.10; Erica McLachlan, (12th), Burlington, 76.19.

Novice Women: Anastasia Gasbarrini (6th), Burlington, 79.69; Kelsey Sobkowich (8th), Burlington, 74.99; Jennifer Markowitz (13th), Hamilton, 70.09; Amanda Wiskar (22nd), Hamilton, 51.74.

Pre-Novice Women: Becky Richards (11th), Burlington, 63.72; Maysie Poliziani (13th), Hamilton, 62.13; Emilee Lawrence (16th) Burlington, 59.02; Danielle Rankie (22nd), Burlington, 54.23.

Pre-Novice Dance: Louise Hains and Jeffrey Gorman, (6th), Hamilton, 44.23.

Juvenile Women: Sela Felker (6th), Dofasco, 26.12; Krystal Conway (7th), Burlington, 25.54; Jessica Wiskar (8th), Hamilton, 25.30; Bralyn Nelson (10th), Hamilton, 23.87; Keiko Marshall (13th), Burlington, 22.75; Celina Hevesi (19th), Hamilton, 18.29; Hannah Klein (24th), Burlington, 12.94.

Pre-Juvenile Women: Ania Stepanchenko (7th), Burlington, 20.89; Jeian Amiel Simbahon (9th), Burlington, 20.34; Katie Hunter (10th), Hamilton, 20.30; Felicia Bonitatibus (14th), Hamilton, 18.95; Connelly Hogarth (18th), Hamilton, 14.38; Christina Tylak (21st), Brant, 11.37.