Four-man 10-pin record lives for mere 21 days

Records are made to be broken, and sometimes it happens quickly. Twenty one days after Doug Schatz, 791, Chris King, 780, Kyle Kloosterman, 700, and Mike Howard, 552, fired 2,823 for a four-man team, three games record, their mark was broken by four pins in the same league, the Jonarc Classic at Skyway Lanes.

Dave Custeau (268, 224, 237) and Aaron Bouchard (227, 268, 234), both contributed 729 triples, while Ryan Dickenson hit 703 (269, 267, 167) and Tim Enoksen stroked a 666 (223, 235, 208) for the new record of 2,827.

No let up for this talented quartet in game four as they broke another record, the four-man team, four game score of 3,656 which has been in the record books for several years. It was set by Jayme Allen (1015), Custeau (961), Sean Bailey (942) and Shawn Prohaska (738). Custeau is part of the new record as his 238 was helped by Dickenson’s 233, Enoksen’s 225 and Bouchard’s 212 as they rolled a 908 fourth game for the new record score of 3,735. At one point during the record breaking, Dickenson fired 17 consecutive strikes, the last 10 and the first seven. The Hamilton record is 23 strikes in a row by Jayson Legg, Ed Maurer and Stewart Shea while Ryan Morgan has 21 in a row.

High average in the league belongs to Lionel Lewis Jr. at 230.

Ed Margueratt now has 15 triples of 600 or better at Skyway after efforts of 665 (248, 216,01) and 605. Dennis Goodburn blasted a 730 (246, 227, 237) while Nobby Herchenroder rolled a 246 and John Burke posted a 244 as both dealt 681s. Chris Marquette had a 669, George Reid scored 645, Kristy Toth showed 639 (246) and Gary Reid Jr. notched 627 (242). Super singles came from Walter Balog and John Stenekes (289s), Mark Herchenroder (255), Jeff Lang (246) and Ron Elliott (234).

Spare conversions are Ev Olmsted 4-7-9 and yours truly the 3-6-8-10, along with a 220 single.

George Lambert of Hamilton finished atop the field of 99 bowlers at the Pro Bowlers Tour stop in Hammond, Indiana with a 227 average for seven games. Then, after the round of 64, he held a 222 average. In the round of 32 survivors, he defeated Chris Barnes with games of 225, 204, 200, 268 and 232 before losing in the round of 16 to Eugene McCune.

At the next Tour stop in Michigan, Bill Rowe Jr. of Hamilton qualified second with a 228 average. He advanced to the round of 16 where he bowed out despite a 716 triple and 265 single. Next two stops are in Chicago and Buffalo.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Bill Rowe Jr. won the Lilac Tournament in Rochester, N.Y., in 1994, topping 256 entries and won $12,000. At the Pre Olympic Tournament in Atlanta in 1996 he won it 235 to 215 over Robert Silva of Mexico.