Tenpinners burning up the lanes with aces

Less than two months ago, three perfect games were fired at Prime Time Bowling by Shawn Anderson, Lionel Lewis Jr. and Russell Ross in only 10 days. Now three more 300 games were rolled at Skyway Lanes by Tim Enoksen, Doug Schatz and Chris King in only eight days.

Enoksen started off the perfect bowling with his fourth 300 game in the City Tenpin League. After a 205 start, Enoksen dealt the 300, followed by 185 for a 690 triple.

The 300 is also the fourth in the 106-year history of this league after perfect efforts by Dave Clark, Dave Peacock and Mike Ricker. Six days later, Schatz tallied his third perfect game in the Jonarc Classic as games of 223, 211, 215 and 300 produced a 949 series. Two days later, King notched his second 300 in adult play. After a 202 start, he started game two with nine strikes for a 278, and then was perfect in game three for a 680 triple. In his junior career, King notched a trio of 300s in tournaments in Kitchener, London and Brampton.

One week before Enoksen zapped his 300, Ricker almost became the first City Tenpinner with a pair of 300s as he left up the five pin after 11 strikes for a 299 game and 779 (299, 244, 236) triple.

Other super efforts in this Monday night league are Mick Anderer with 760 (223,269,268), Enoksen’s 755 (257, 277, 227) and 718 (205,267,246), Mike Ricker’s 742 (238, 246, 258), and Rick Bukowski’s 705 (268,234,203). Anderer also was hot at Burlington Bowl as 15 strikes in a row over two games led to a 753 triple.

Other top Skyway triples are Jayme Allen’s 739 (267,257,215), Bill Stadnik’s 720, Bill Braid’s 710, Sean Elley’s 688 (279), Walter Balog’s 669 (275), Nobby Herchenroder’s 668 (255), John Burke’s 665 (249), Chris Marquette’s 658, Jeff Lang’s 657 and with a third 600 of the season was yours truly with a 615 (222).

Super singles are Kyle Connolly, 268, Ed Margueratt, 248 and 220, Matt Ashley, 242 and Dakota Stone, 135 average, earned a CTF Century award with a 243 game en route to a 608 triple. Brenda Herchenroder spared the 6-7-10 split. Sympathy is extended to Skyway Lanes Helen Nalborczyk in the passing of her mother at age 100.

A pair of super singles at Prime Time Bowling as Gary Stewart blasted a 271 and Owen Calhoun a 248. Catherine Picott, 12, beat her 130 average by 50 pins with a 180. Jason Stevens spared the “Big Four” split.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, one hundred years ago in 1908, in Hamilton’s first year of membership with the American Bowling Congress, the Rambler team from Hamilton rolled 2,442 and finished 221st. out of 362 teams. Ivan McLean, who rolled a 300 game in 1980, also has a 442 game in five pins.