Perfection becoming a mainstay for 10-pinners

Earlier this season, there were three perfect 300 games in 10 days at Prime Time Bowling, then three more aces in only eight days at Skyway Lanes. Now, an incredible eight more perfect games have been fired in only three weeks at both houses.

Lionel Lewis Jr. started the streak with his second 300 of the season (and sixth local 300), and matched the second highest triple ever in the Hamilton Tenpin Association. In Jonarc action at Skyway, Lewis started with the 300, finished game two with nine straight strikes for a 570 double. In game three, after two spares, he threw eight more strikes in a row for a 268 game and 838 triple, tying Richard Parker’s triple and only 14 pins behind Bill Rowe Jr.’s 852 record.

A 246 fourth game gave Lewis a 1084 set, only six pins behind Troy Demers’ 1090 record.

The next night at Prime Time Bowling, Vic Riding tallied his first 300 in an 859 (300, 179, 178, 202) set.

Three days later, Dee Gallant, despite being six months pregnant, recorded only the third 300 game by a woman in the 52-year old history of Skyway Lanes. After games of 193, 195 and 181, Gallant notched the 300 for an 869 set.

The other perfect Skyway women are Jen Olmsted and Connie Ward. Only seven other women have fired 300s in our history. They are Amy Bouchard and Linda Higenell, with a pair each, and Joyce Campbell, Patti Ellis, Val Chastney, Laura Wilmer and Catherine Willis.

Three days later, Mike Ellis dealt his second 300 game in Jonarc action at Skyway after games of 223, 184, and 237 for a 944 set.

Ellis likes saving the best for last as his first 300 was in the last game of the 2007-08 season in April.

Then it was time for a Hamilton first, and a Canadian record, as Lionel Lewis Jr. and son Matthew Lewis were perfect on the same team and on the same night. The day after Lionel turned 40, and on his daughter Jennifer’s 15th birthday, Lionel tallied his seventh 300 game after a 214 opening effort. His last two games were 228 and 244 for a 986 set. After dealing 662 (224, 190, 248) for his first three games, Matthew, 17, dealt his second career 300 game for a 962 set. Only five Hamilton fathers and sons have fired 300 games. Besides the Lewis duo, they are Art Oliver Sr. and Art Oliver Jr., Garry and Sean Bailey, Al and Neil Easton and Larry and sons Jayson and Shawn Legg.

Coming close were Mike (299) and Conrad Merkir (300); Mike (300) and Mick (299) Anderer; and Brad (299) and Jamie Russell (300).

Then six days later came another pair of 300s at Skyway Lanes in Jonarc play as Aaron Bouchard slapped his record tenth ace followed by 182, 214 and 194 for an 890 set. After a 207 start, Steve Smith pitched his first perfect game followed by 224 and 192 games for a 923 set.

With these latest eight perfect games, the season total at the half way mark is now 16. The record is 23 set 10 years ago. There was almost another 300 at Skyway, as David Novak, 14, of Brantford, left up a ten pin for a 299 game in the Youth Scratch Tournament. There are now 271 perfect games in our record books.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: The first three 300 games in our history were by Harvey Bray (1963), Philip Morris (’71) and Ivan McLean (’80). After three perfect games in 17 years, there have been 268 in the next 28 years.