No shortage of perfection on 10-pin lanes

Earlier this season there were three perfect games in 10 days at Prime Time Bowling, followed by a trio of three more aces in eight days at Skyway Lanes, and then another eight perfectos in 21 days at both houses. And then there was a dry spell of 29 days without a perfect game but that ended with a threesome of aces at Prime Time Bowling in five days, including two within minutes of each other.

Ian Hazelton rolled 259 and 189 before striking perfection in game three. A 236 finish gave him a 984 set. Howard Sculnick started with 258 and 180, before also hitting perfection in game three. A 268 finish lifted him to a 1006 set. For Hazelton and Sculnick, it’s their first Hamilton 300 games. They both have 300s in Toronto, including one by Sculnick earlier this season.

Then it was Shawn Anderson with his third 300 of the season and our fifth highest triple ever. After a 247 start, Anderson fired 10 strikes in a row before a 6-8 split, which he spared, left him with a 288 game. Then came his 300 game for an 835 triple. The only triples higher are Bill Rowe Jr. at 852, Lionel Lewis Jr. and Richard Parker at 838, and Lewis again at 836.

Anderson and Lewis both have a trio of 300 games this season. No Hamilton bowler has ever notched four in a season. There have been 19 perfect games this season, only four under the record of 23 set 10 years ago. Of the 19 aces, 10 have been recorded at Prime Time and nine at Skyway.

Other Prime Time super singles are Jeff Lofft (278), Lionel Lewis Jr. (278, 268), Art Oliver Jr. (276, 269), Jason Stevens (269), Sioban Ryans and Louis Stern (268), and Matt Lewis (267). Gary Hyde used a 255 game to deal an 882 set. Tom Robins Sr. smashed a 236 and, with 140 averages, Marilyn Fox-Calhoun smoked a 210 and Pam Valent had a 201.

At Skyway Lanes, Steve Smith tallied a 277 game for a 1020 set while Adrienne Morgan started with nine strikes for a 278 score, 717 triple and 976 series. Barb Hollands reports that fine triples are Brian Ward at 660 (246), Frank Wells with 650 (264), Tracey Rooke’s 649 (260), John Burke’s 641 (246) and Jamie Rogers’ 638 (244).

Georgine Walker smoked a 226 and Frank Bartlett, with a 115 average, cranked a 203. In Westinghouse play, Burke missed Chris Marquette’s high triple of 710 by seven pins after games of 262, 210 and 231 for a 703 while Nobby Herchenroder belted a 672, Ron Elliott a 665 (256) and Alaine Young was plus 79 with a fantastic 228 game. John Giordano fired his highest ever triple, a 770 (245, 289, 236), Al Oliver tallied his first ever 700, a 714 (280, 223, 211) and Dave Miller scored a 704.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA; With top averages in 2009 over 220, a look back to 1963 saw top averages of Andy Toth (189) and Hal Schatz (186) and in 1965, Schatz (195), Terry Wira (192) and Stan Prokop (191). No 300 games then as high singles were Wira, 277, Angelo (Tiger Cats) Mosca, 276, and Steve Feher, 270.