10-pinners’ record book about to be re-written

There were three perfect games at Prime Time Bowling in four days after a dry spell of 29 days. Now there have been another three perfectos, this time at Skyway Lanes in four days.

In Jonarc Classic action, Earl England and Kyle Kloosterman took the spotlight in game three. After games of 203 and 218, England notched his 300, followed by 203 for a 924 set. Kloosterman started with 206 and 217 before his ace followed by a 231 for a 954 set. Four days later Ron Colling started with 227, stroked his 300, and tagged on a 210 for a 737 triple.

For all three, it is their first local 300s. With over two months left in the season, we now have 22 perfect games in the record books, only one off the record set 10 years ago. Skyway has seen 12, while the other 10 have been tossed at Prime Time.

Back in Jonarc action, Doug Schatz missed perfection by 11 pins with a 289 enroute to a 1,024 (219, 289, 259, 257) set. Conrad Merkir dealt a 953 (266), Walter Balog had a 929 (249), Todd Downey rolled 924 (277), Tim Enoksen scored 920 (243), Ryan Dickinson was good at 904 (279) and with 266 games were Dave Custeau and Lionel Lewis.

Top averages are Lewis, 231, and Schatz, 229.

In other Skyway leagues, Ken Hoffman and Jayme Allen both fired 288s with Allen having the first 10 strikes. After firing a 707 with a 288 game three weeks ago, Brent Andrecyk blasted a 752 (246, 258, 248). Two days after smashing a 754 triple with a 290 game, Tim Enoksen smoked a 689 triple with a 279 game. Mark Ward cranked a 749 with a 276 high game. Super singles included Walter Balog, 279, Nobby Herchenroder, 269, Chris Marquette, 257, Joe Borkovic, 248, Gary Reid, 247, and Kristy Toth, 236.

At Burlington Bowl, Michael Braet was the best with a 289 game followed by Mick Anderer, 279, Chipper Cox, 278, Gary Hartling, 277, Jim Baxter 259, Tony Vant and Sergio Muziera 256 and Ed Morris 248. Top triples are Lee Anderson 682, and Andy Milne and Rob Howden at 657 each. Earlier, 289s were rolled by Catherine Willis and Charlie Mahy.

In the Hamilton Association annual divisional scratch tournament, Scott Grunau topped the highest average division with a 596 (237), followed by Tom Johnston at 575 (245). The other four winners were Kris Havens, 607 (221), Steve Cherry, 598 (238), Bill Skoretz, 524 (199) and Randy Schoenfeld, 506 (200). High single was a 253 by Sam Gualtieri.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Tim Easlick in February 1994 threw a double, channel ball, spare, then nine strikes for an unusual 270 game with “12” strikes. Aaron Bouchard and John Stringer also threw 270 games with a channel ball, spare, strike, after nine strikes in 2005.