Speed skater Roberts is best at Cup meet

Hamilton native Hayley Roberts was named the 2008-09 Ontario Speed Skating Association Ontario Cup Champion this past weekend (March 14-15) at the 2009 Ontario Short Track Championships in Waterloo.

Roberts is a first year student in Biological Sciences at Bishops University in Quebec and is also part of the Sport Etude program between Bishops University and the CPV Sherbrooke in Quebec.

The Sherbrooke Speed Skating Club has one of the richest histories in Canada and more recently hosted the 2009 World Junior Championships. Roberts left her hometown of Hamilton in January to pursue two dreams: making the Canadian National Team and becoming a zoologist.

Roberts has been a member of Team Ontario for the past five years and during that time has represented Ontario at various national and North American events. Two years ago she won the North American Championships in the 1,500m and placed third overall. In addition, she has represented Ontario at both age based Canadians and Junior and National Canadian trials. Roberts is also a carded athlete and part of the Quest for Gold program funded by the Ministry of Health.

Roberts’ next competition will take place in her Ontario home club of Cambridge, which is hosting the 2009 Canadians. More than 140 athletes from each Province will be attending the event, which is taking place March 27 – 29th.

For information about the 2009 Canadian championships, contact Cathy Pardy at cathy@cambridgespeedskating.ca or visit http://www.cambridgespeedskating.ca/canadians-st/