10-pinners will close season with perfection

Five more perfect games in the last month of the 2008-2009 season raised the 300 total to a record 33, passing the previous high by 10.

Art Oliver Jr., notched a pair 20 days apart to give him three for the season, and first place overall among Hamilton bowlers with 11. At Prime Time Bowling, Oliver fired a 300 after a 769 (258, 268, 243) triple for a 1,069 set. Steve Balicki scored his first ace at Star Lanes in a 709 (205, 300, 204) triple. It was the fourth 300 at Star in just over a month.

Then it was Oliver’s turn again as he started with the 300 at Skyway, followed by 229 and 234 for a 763 triple. The next day at Prime Time, John Cherriere dealt his second 300 after a 190 start. A pair of 279 games gave him a 1,048 set. For his last three games he recorded 858.

Perfect game number 33 was turned in by Chris King, his third, all this season at Skyway as he grooved perfection in his first game. He mixed games of 234, 185 and 241 for a 960 set.

Shawn Anderson led the way with four perfect games followed by Chris King, Art Oliver Jr., and Lionel Lewis Jr., with three and Steve Smith with a pair. Dee Gallant, while six months pregnant, added her name to the list of perfect women with a 300 at Skyway. Lionel Lewis Jr., and his son, Matthew, tossed 300 games on the same team and on the same night at Prime Time. Skyway Lanes recorded 15 perfectos, Prime Time 13, Star Lanes had four and Hamilton Bowl one.

Coming one pin away from perfection were Reg Howe and Conrad Merkir at Star Lanes, Art Oliver Jr., at Skyway, and Matt Kennedy at Prime Time. Howe’s triple was 735 (299, 235, 201), Merkir hit 764 (216, 299, 249), Oliver topped 1,031 (248, 246, 299, 238) and Kennedy rolled 891 (299, 212, 193, 187). Finishing the season in fine style was Mark Ward as games of 246, 289 and 267 produced an 802 triple at Skyway Lanes.

The final record honour score total of 51 was composed of 33 perfect games, 10 games of 299, three games of 298 and five 800 triples. The previous record was 45. Coming close to honour scores were Scott Grunau, 297, with Shawn Anderson and Richard Parker at 296. The highlight of the season was 17-year-old Matthew Lewis tying a Canadian record with a 279 triplicate at Prime Time Bowling.

Former Hamilton bowler Joe Ciach has slapped a perfect 300 game at the U.S.B.C. in Las Vegas as he tripped a 709 (192, 300, 217) triple.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: As noted above, John Cherriere rolled 858 for his last three games. Art Oliver Jr., in October 2006 rolled 855 (278, 278, 299) for his last three games at Prime Time. Andy Toth in 1978 turned in a 731 (255, 219, 257) bowl out at Skyway Lanes.