Mohawk runners get x-country season started

Mohawk’s cross country team put in a solid performance in the first invitational meet of the season.

Competing at St. Lawrence College of Brockville on Saturday (Sep. 19), all six of Mohawk’s men cracked the top 30, with two in the top ten. Jonathan Redfearn was fourth and Dave Hirsh finished seventh. The Mountaineers finished third in the men’s team points competition.

Because Mohawk had only two women in their event, they failed to qualify for the team event. But Emily Hicks fashioned a fourth place finish, while Marlin Kedini was 11th.

Mountaineers’ coach Wayne Collins said it was a good race. “I think everybody put in a solid effort to start our race season, said Collins. “All are looking forward to stepping up their performances in coming races. We have a few more men and women runners coming out to our next races so I expect both our teams will be competitive this season.”

The Mohawk results and other pertinent race information included:

Men (8 kilometre distance)
(Mohawk results)
4th Jonathan Redfearn 28:22.4
7th Dave Hirsh 28:55.8
17th Patrick Cook 32:00.4
18th Josh Lamb 32:16.2
22nd Alex Hamilton 32:55.2
29th Alan Dow 36:33.5

The men’s race was won by John Mason of Fanshawe in 26:56.3
Fanshawe won the men’s team points title. Mohawk was 3rd. There were 39 men’s runners.

Women (5 kilometre distance)
(Mohawk results)
5th Emily Hicks 21:19.1
11th Marlin Kedini 23:32.4

The women’s race was won by Becky Pieterson of Fanshawe in 19:13.3

Fanshawe captured the women’s team points title. There were 31 women’s runners.