Lionel Lewis Jr. rolls eighth perfect game

Five days after Jayme Allen rolled the first perfect game of the season with 18 consecutive strikes, Lionel Lewis Jr. matched it with his own 300 game, his eighth. The only difference was Allen finished with his 18 while Lewis started with his 18.

Put them both together and you have an “unusual 900 triple”. After a single pin leave in his seventh frame, Lewis threw another five strikes for a 279, and a 579 double. Game three started with a pair of open frames before a six bagger gave him a 210 and a 789 triple. A fourth game strike fest was stopped by a sixth frame spare for a 278 and a 1067 set.

On the same team William Russell dealt a 737 (259, 246, 232). Later that day, also at Skyway Lanes, John Katz saw a solid eight pin stop his chance for perfection with a 299 game and a 750 (299, 207, 244) triple. Another 299 was turned in by Bruce Tyler at Star Lanes as he was stopped by a seven pin.

At Prime Time Bowling, William Russell twice threw 10 strikes in a row as he almost topped Troy Demers four game record of 1,090 (289, 299, 234, 268) set almost 23 years ago, the longest record in the books. After 254 and 258 games, Russell started with 10 strikes for a 287 and a 799 triple. Then, after a first frame spare, another ten in a row led to a 289 for a 1,088 set. The 1,090 has been challenged many times. Others over 1,080 are Bill Rowe Jr., 1,089 (300), Lionel Lewis jr. 1,084 (300), Art Oliver Jr. 1,083 (279) and Lewis again at 1,080 (299). There have been 18 sets over 1,050 with Lewis (1084, 1,080, 1,071 and 1,067) and Oliver (1,083, 1,078, 1,063 and 1,054), both having four. Demers has two (1,090 and 1,059) and Russell has two (1,088 and 1,056). Matthew Lewis has one, 1,064 (279,279,279,227).

Sean Patterson also topped 1,000 as a 274 lifted him to1,023. Coming close with 989s were Jason Stevens, 268 high, and Mark Herbert, 275 high while Jerry Vandelan stirred a 280. With a 127 average Jennine Morin scored a 201.

Skyway super singles are Dave Custeau and Ray Beitz, 290, William Russell, 288, Gary Hodge, 279 for a 751 triple, Chris King, 279, Doug Schatz, 278, Tim Enoksen, Phil Gater and Matt Glidden, 258, Earl England, Brent LaCroix and Gord Fickley, 257, John Cooper, 254 and Brent Andrecyk, 254 and 247. With his first 500 was Mark Matthews at, 532. Top spare conversions are Denise Margueratt, 6-7-10, and Doris Roy, 1-5-7. After averaging 210 in singles at the Pan Am Championships in Puerto Rico, Art Oliver Jr. averaged 197 in doubles with a 219 high and 179 in trios with a 207 high.

In five pin action at Bowlerama Stoney Creek, 14-year-old Melanie Moser fired her highest triple ever, 869 with a 298 high game.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Rory Kalanquin, 18, of Michigan, rolled the first 800 at Bowlerama Stoney Creek in April 1998, an 805 (278, 269, 258). The next month, Tim Parslow, 17, of Kingston, rolled a 300 game at Hamilton Mountain Bowl. Jeff Cockburn,15, of Chatham, also rolled a 300 at Mountain Bowl in 2005.