Doug Schatz has a hot hand – twice

Doug Schatz has set Hamilton tenpin history with a pair of perfect 300 games in the same four game series.

Coming in Jonarc Classic action at Skyway Lanes with three career 300 games, Schatz started with a 238, then notched 300 game number one. After a third game of 248, he was perfect again in less than an hour as the 300 lifted him to a near record 1,086 series. The four game record is 1090 by Troy Demers.

It has been challenged many times, including Bill Rowe junior’s 1,089 and earlier this season William Russell dealt a 1,088.

Two more 300 games to report from Skyway Lanes are Bill Cardwell with his first en route to a 712 (300, 207, 205) triple and Aaron Bouchard made it 11 perfectos as he also started off with a 300, then tallied 545 for the next three.

Travis Cauley, 21, who already has a pair of local 300s, and a 299 in Toronto, now has an 810 (275, 279, 256) triple in a Youth Bowling Tour event in St. Catharines. Three years ago he cranked an 803 in Rochester.

Five years ago Brent Andrecyk tallied a 299 game. Now, two days before Christmas, he had another shot at perfection, but a “flat” ball after 11 strikes resulted in an 8-10 split and a 298 game. A strike on his last ball of the third game gave him the P&G high triple at 752 (298, 242, 212) by two pins over Mark Ward. He also passed Ward’s 268 high single. Ward has high average at 212 with Andrecyk next at 205.

Congratulations to these five pin juniors who will compete at the Youth Challenge Tournament in Welland. The winning teams will advance to a provincial round leading to the nationals finals. On the men’s team are Marshall Hanigan, Tyler Perry, Clayton Stokes, Ross Varlow and Matt Moser. The ladies team is Melanie Moser, Jillian Bleses, Amy Hanigan, Clarissa Langille and Samantha Moore. Comprising the mixed team are Daniel Helwig, Samantha Pell, Nolan Hanigan and Lee and Morgan McConnell. Reporter Paul Moser wishes them good luck and good bowling.

For the tenpin juniors at Skyway Lanes, June Najbor reports that Jennifer Lewis had a 646 (237), Nick Murphy rolled 645 (247), Ben Konyi showed a 614 with a super 267, Bill Craig was good at 574 (223), Matt Lovell had a 246, Christine Johnston rolled 211 and Steven Craig had a 448 triple.

In VSL play, Derek Hannah tied Ed Margueratt’s high single of 257 and in P&G play, Phil McCue smoked a 243 and Shirley Morris stirred a 195 “clean’ game. Three super triples in Westinghouse action are Nobby Hercheroder beating his brother Marcus, 703 (245) to 689 (245), and Wendell Harrison smashing a 675 with a 268 single. Chris Marquette smoked a 259 and Ron Elliott was good for a 231. Beating their averages by over 100 pins were Richard Wilson at Burlington Bowl with a plus 112 from a 266 and Mike Scargall at Star Lanes with a plus 106 for a 279.

Hamilton and U.S. Tenpin trivia: When Jack Thorpe rolled a 299 at Burlington Bowl in 1982, he missed a five thousand dollar prize for the first ever 300 game. It was claimed by Bruce Wilson three months later. In the United States a pair of “perfect 900 triples” were rolled in three days raising the overall total of “perfect 900 triples” to 15.