King tops junior tournament

Chelsea King topped the results in the annual Hamilton tournament for juniors, smashing an impressive 705 (267, 229, 209) triple giving her the title in the girls “A” division with a 759 handicap total. The winners in the four other girl divisions were Casey Warner, Charlee Hill, Nicole Clark and Erica Whitlow. Super singles were Briana Chrysler, 221, Warner, 220, Hill, 217, Jennifer Lewis, 214, and Christine Johnston, 205.

Colton Williams blasted a 667 (216, 248, 203) to top the boys “A” division with a handicap score of 721. The winners in the four boys divisions were Matt Lovell, Adam Henley, Stephen Pursley and Preston Novak while top singles were Lovell, 227, Ben Konyi, 222, and Pursley, 202.

The winners in the girls’ scratch divisions were Jennifer Lewis, 568 (214), Briania Crysler, Alexandria Amey, Ashley Morrison, and Kate Morrison. The best in the boys scratch divisions were Brian DeFrancesco, 672 (234), Dylan Williams, Darris Doolittle, Bryan Scargall and Kyle Dickerson.

The four winners in the doubles divisions were Doolittle and D. Novak, Brian Scargall and N. Garlepy, Charlee Hill and B. Martin, and M. Hooey-Resendes and Novak.

There were two team champions. The Misfits with Jackie Tebow, Jordan Stamp, Casey Warner, and Brandon Crabb; and The Mixed Bunch with Sam Cowan, Kyle Gilmour and the brother-sister duo of Matt and Jennifer Lewis.

The winners in the annual senior’s tournament were Mike Merkir and Barb Dewing.

In league play the juniors are turning in impressive scores as DeFrancesco led the way with a big 756 (234, 245, 277). Nick Murphy belted a 677 (249, 246), and 669 (215, 221, 233), Chelsea King, 670 (230, 224, 216), Konyi, 652 (248), Billy Criag, 651 (237), Kyle Gilmour, 609, with a brillant 269 single, Ryan Melanson, 594 (244), and Breanne Wolf, 94 average, a super 355 with a 140 single.

On the same night in Skyway P & G play, both Brent Andrecyk and Kristy Toth improved on their league high triples by two pins with 756 (225, 266, 265) and

608 (238). Krystal Evans was plus 68 with a 193. In Westinghouse action, Doug Stickney. 190 average, blasted a 685 (246) and Ron Elliott 657 (243).

At Prime Time Bowling, super singles came from Jason Stevens, 267 and 259, Howard Sculnick, 267, Jerry Vandelan, 254, Sam Wedlake, 247, Vic Riding, 245, Klaus Herchenroder, 232, Sue McNaughton, 228, and Sioban Ryans improved on her 208 average with a 953 (258).

Top average for the men is Sean Patterson, 229, with William Russell and Art Oliver Jr. tied at 226.

At the Pro Bowlers Tour stop in New York, Hamilton’s George Lambert averaged 210 and won $1,500.

The annual Cancer Assistance Program Bowl at Skyway is Saturday, April 10 at 1 p.m. with Ken Welch of CHCH TV back as emcee.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA; On Feb. 15, 1918, Fred Cooper of Cooper’s Lanes (a.k.a. Tivoli) was fined $20 for employing underage boys. Leaving the dreaded 7 – 10 split for 298 games were Joe Borkovic and Art Oliver Jr. and Sean Bailey spared the same 7 – 10 split twice in 24 hours and four times in six weeks.