Hallwent skaters do well at 2010 Skate Canada Championship

The 2010 Skate Canada Adult Figure Skating Championship was held in Ottawa on April 2 – 4. Below are the results for local skaters representing clubs in Hallwent Region:

Gold Women Free Skate: First – Helen Atkinson, Hamilton; Sixth – Mandy Bartlett, Burlington.

Gold Men Interpretive: First – Jim Leong, Dundas.

Gold Women (Class II/III) Interpretive: Sixth – Patricia Leong, Dundas and Karen Ciprietti, Hamilton.

Gold Free Dance: Third – Patricia Leong / Jim Leong, Dundas.

Silver Men Free Skate: Second – Jim Leong.

Silver Women (Class III/IV) Free Skate: Second – Patricia Leong; Third – Karen Ciprietti; Fourth – Barbara Tkach, Dundas; Sixth – Debra Holland, Dundas.

Silver Women (ClassI /II) Interpretive: First – Lesley Hamilton, Hamilton; Fifth – Helen Atkinson, Hamilton.

Silver Women (Class III /IV) Interpretive: Fifth – Barbara Tkach.

Bronze Women (Class III/IV) Free Skate: First – Beverly Kukhta-Jackson, Hamilton.

Bronze Women (Class I) Interpretive: Fourth, Mandy Bartlett.

Bronze Women (Class III) Interpretive: Fourth – Beverly Kukhta-Jackson.

Intro Women (Class III) Interpretive: Fifth – Debra Holland.

Pre-Intro Women (Class III/IV) Interpretive: Eighth – Clair Hoof, Hamilton.

Open Couples Interpretive: Second – Katie Cumby / Melissa Garrett, Dundas; Fourth – Patricia Leong / Jim Leong.

Adult Pair: Second – Jim and Patricia Leong.

Junior Bronze Dance: Second – Debra Holland / Mandy Bartlett.

Adult SYS II Synchro: Eleventh – Ancaster Affinity.