24 men can stand and say they are perfect

Twenty four talented men rolled 31 perfect 300 games in the 2009-10 tenpin season.

In the third week of the season, Jayme Allen was the first 300 shooter and, in the last week, Bill Lishinski fired No. 31, both the second of their careers. Doug Schatz and Travis Cauley each recorded three perfectos while Art Oliver Jr., Earl England and Sean Patterson notched a pair. With one perfect game each were Lionel Lewis Jr., Deric Curley, Corey Davies, Bill Cardwell, Aaron Bouchard, Richard Parker, Chris King, Ron McKinnon, Randy Park, Ted Ranger, Ron McGuigan, Ryan Dickenson, Mike Howard, John Cherriere, Mick Anderer, Josh Colwell and Scott Hureau.

Oliver Jr. is now in first place with 13 perfect games. Doug Schatz became the first bowler to record two 300 games in the same four game set and Ron McKinnon is now our oldest 300 scorer with his ace one month before his 70th birthday. With their 300 games, Deric Curley and Mick Anderer joined the exclusive father-son 300 club, which now numbers eight, as Dan Curley and Mike Anderer previously had 300s.

Anderer, Colwell and Lishinski all recorded their 300s in their last games of the season while Hureau’s was in his second last.

Coming up one pin short of perfection with 299s were John Katz, Bruce Tyler, Dave Dyson, Randy Park, Tim LaCroix, Louis Sturm, Matt Lewis and Chris King. With 298s were Brent Andrecyk, Steve Smith and Mick Anderer.

Richard Parker threw a 297, Travis Cauley a 296 and, with the rare 295 game, were Scott Grunau and Dave Custeau. With 11 strikes in a row for 290 games were Ray Beitz, Doug Schatz, Ken Montour, Chris Marquette, Art Oliver Jr., Ryan Dickenson, and, with a pair each were Travis Cauley and Steve Smith.

The elusive 800 triple was dealt six times with Steve Smith’s 822 (266, 279, 277) the high by one pin over Mick Anderer’s 821 (223, 298, 300). The others were Art Oliver Jr., 812 (300, 289, 223), Josh Colwell 809 (266, 243, 300), Earl England 806 (239, 267, 300), and Sean Patterson 802 (278, 259, 265). Colwell’s 809 was the first ever 800 at Brantford’s Star Lanes. At least 24 series of 1,000 or better were dealt with William Russell tops at 1088 (254, 258, 287, 289). High averages belong to Sean Patterson 229 and Catharine Willis 217.

Good luck and good bowling to Matt Lewis, 18, leaving this week for the World Youth Championships in Helsinki Finland.

HAMILTON BOWLING TRIVIA: In 1955 the Olympia Lanes offered $25 for a perfect 450 game in five-pin play. The manager, Porky Garbutt, came close with a 441, missing out on his last ball with only a six count. In 1932, “alleys” were also called “drives”. In the 1990s, The Hamilton Tiger Cat mascot, “T.C.”, was Gord Urkevich, who rolled a 300 game in 1982.