Dan Turple to back stop McCoys

mccoysDundas Real McCoys are preparing to defend their Robertson and Renwick Cups which they won last season and there is no better place to start than in goal according to General Manager Don Robertson.

Former Atlanta Thrashers goaltender Dan Turple, who was outstanding in the march to the Allan Cup Tournament last season, is back for another shot at the Cup.

Turple, a late addition to the McCoys worked out very well down the stretch working in tandem with first team allstar Brain Worosz, who is also expected to return this season.

“Turple is the first guy we have signed for 2010-11, and it’s well know fact that you need strength up the middle to be successful. And he is a great place to start,” said Robertson. “When we sign a player like Dan it makes the visits to other players a lot easier because they know the club is strong in goal.”


Coaching changes are an important fact of life in hockey at any level, and the McCoys are no exception. Co-coach and GM Don Robertson will depart the bench for the coming season.

“We have been to three consecutive Allan Cup Tournaments, and we haven’t won one of them. I am clearly not of any help to the others, so I am going to get out of the way and we will find someone else who can add to the mix,” said Robertson.

“Spud (Ken Mann), Bernie (Ron Bernacci), and I have had several meetings as we are getting ready for next season, regarding players and how we are going to make ourselves a better hockey club. My efforts will focus more on the signing of players, and finding ways to make overall improvements to the group which includes our charity work within the community,” he added.