Patterson, Parker don’t waste any time

After six triples of 800 or better last season, the first two weeks of the 2010-11 season have produced a pair of 800 triples by Sean Patterson and Richard Parker, both at Prime Time Bowling.

Patterson beat Steve Smith’s high triple of 822 from last season with games of 267, 290, 266 for 823. A 170-fourth game left him short of 1,000 by seven pins.

Parker started with a 215, then fired the first perfect 300 game of the season for a 515 double. In his third game, Parker counted a spare then tallied 11 strikes in a row for a 290 game and 805 triple. A 173-fourth game gave him a 978 set.

Parker has two previous 800s – an 838 and an 815 while Patterson scored an 802 last November.

Rick Gurman recorded the first honour score of the season, a 299, also at Prime Time. A 269 was followed by a 189 for a 757 triple. Howard Sculnick eased over 1,000 by three pins with games of 218, 258, 249 and 279 for 1,003.

David Lee started with nine strikes before a channel ball left him with a 258. Lionel Lewis Jr. in his return to action after a nearly year-long injury layoff blasted an 849 and Jennifer Lewis, in her first adult competition scored a 782 (212, 214, 177, 179).

At Skyway Lanes in City play, Bill Lishinski had 697 and 675 triples and a 266 single. Tim LaCroix dealt 678 and 674 trios, Roy Ward hit 670, and Matt Glidden rolled 652 (255). Top singles included Mike Ricker (267) and Randy Bukowski (258).

In other Skyway action, Ed Margueratt continued his excellent bowling from last season with triples of 670 (235), 653 (227), and 629 (255). Sean Bailey started with nine strikes for a 266 single and 716 triple. Walter Balog notched a 279, Ron Elliott had a 256, Derek Hannah scored 256 and 253 games, and Wendell Harrison rolled a 245. Sylvester Salve was plus 56 with a 201.

George Lambert of Hamilton, who competed on the PBA Tour last year, and won the Sportsmanship of the Year award, was married at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin to Samantha Swanson. They will live in Texas. In the wedding party were PBA stars Chris and Lynda Barnes and from Hamilton, Lionel Lewis and Art Oliver.

At the Pan Am Women’s Bowling Championships in Las Vegas, Jennifer Park, sister of Hamilton’s Catharine Rowe, placed fourth in singles, missing bronze by 18 pins and gold by 23 pins.

Brantford Lanes has closed, leaving Star Lanes the only tenpin house in Brantford.

TENPIN TRIVIA: Six years ago Rolla Zuck of Michigan, rolled a 199 game on his 99th birthday. Last month, one month before birthday number 105 – that’s right, 105 – he fired a 224 game. Three years ago, Esther Medley, 94 and legally blind, rolled a 244 in Washington.