Like father, like daughter

Ten pin bowling in Hamilton has a first – a father and daughter duo with perfect 300 games. Former Team Canada member Ed Maurer has five 300 games, and now his daughter, Crystal, has her perfect game, rolled at Prime Time Bowling. Prior to this record, there were eight father-son duos tossing aces.

With a 194 average, Crystal started with a 172 before striking perfection for her 300. She followed that game with scores of 214 and 236 for a 922 set. On the same team are Dan Whitfield and Shawn Anderson. Crystal is employed at Sublime Intergration Home Systems in Oakville.

Before this 300, she had unsanctioned games of 300 and 299.

The eight father-son duos with 300s are the Baileys, Leggs, Russells, Olivers, Curleys, Anderers, Eastons and Lewises. Hamilton has a trio of brothers with 300s, the Schatzs, Leggs and Garinge’s. Married couples with 300s are Aaron and Amy Bouchard and Bill and Catharine Rowe.

Minutes before Crystal’s 300 at Prime Time, Jason Stevens notched his first perfect game as he started with the 300, followed by 235, 236 and 209 for a 980 set. Four days later, also at Prime Time, Jeff Lofft recorded his fifth 300 and second 800 as he stroked games of 300, 258 and 243 for an 801.

All eight honour scores this season have been recorded at Prime Time.

Other top sets from this 32 lane house are Richard Parker 989, (259, 268, 248, 214); Shawn Anderson, 979 (239, 236, 247, 257); Jeff Lofft, 967 (268); Howard Sculnick 931, (267); Jason Stevens 930, (257); Crystal Maurer, 914 (257); Amanda Lupton, 632 (for her second ever 600), (220, 211, 201); and Lionel Lewis Jr., who, on his return to action after a long layoff, blasted a 900 set with 278 single.

Bill Hicks reports from Star Lanes that 12-year-old Preston Novak started with nine strikes for a 275 with a 129 average. Keeping the good bowling in the family, David Novak blasted a 255. At Splitsville, super singles are Bill Hicks, 269 and 258, Corey Davies, 267, and the Gualtieri brothers – Sam, 254, and Tony, 232.

The Skyway juniors – which is looking for new bowlers – was topped by Chelsea King with a brilliant 728 (233, 243, 252). Ben Konyi whipped a 655 (247); Bill Craig had a 645 (245); Matt Lovell rolled 615 (222); Brody Ostrosser hit a 224 and Brett Starr was consistent with games of 179, 187 and 180.

In P and G play, dad was 10 pins better than daughter as Al Toth secured a 257 and Kristy Toth dealt a 247. Patti Leith stirred a 237 and Barb Hollands was hot with a 202 game.

TENPIN TRIVIA: Bowling cards were first issued in the 1880s and used as a promotional item by Mack’s Milk Chocolates. The first automatic pinsetter was demonstrated in Buffalo in 1946 and put in use in league play 10 years later in New Jersey. The first automatic scoring was approved in 1963.