Al sets the Tone for ace No. 6

After going over 10 years without a perfect game, Al Tone notched his sixth 300 at Skyway Lanes. Following games of 195, 237 and 184 for a 616 triple, Tone dealt the 300 for a 916 set. His first ace was 23 years ago at Skyway, and he has one of only four perfect games ever recorded at Bowlerama Stoney Creek. Bruce Cockburn with a pair and Phil Morris have the others.

In May 2009, Tone was inducted into the Canadian Tenpin Federation Hall of Fame at Prime Time Bowling.

Last May, Josh Caldwell grooved the first ever 800, an 809 at Star Lanes in Brantford. Now the house has its second as Darin Lane rolled an 807. In game one he started with 10 strikes before being stopped by a seven pin for a 289. The second game saw him one strike better with 11 strikes before a four pin stopped him at a 299. A 219 effort gave him the 807.

Also at Star, Colton Williams left a single pin in the seventh frame for a 279.

Several super singles at Prime Time were Louis Sturm, 280; Sioban Ryans, 279; Vic Riding, 277 and 259; Sean Patterson. 259 and 257; Jason Stevens, Lionel Lewis and Amanda Lupton, 258; Shawn Anderson, 256 and 255; Ron Gilmour, 256; and Crystal Maurer, 247.

At Splitsville, Tony Gualtieri had a 277, Steve Smith rolled 257 and Bill Hicks hit a 255 and a 947 set.

Head coach Bill Rowe Jr. of Hamilton, and his Qatar mens bowling team, were the overall champions at the 10th GCC tournament in Bahrain with three golds, one silver and one bronze medal. They won gold in doubles by 12 pins with a 219 average, teams by 242 pins, and all events by 47 pins with a 219 average. They took silver in Singles and the bronze in Masters play.

Only the 11th perfect game by a legally blind bowler was rolled in Chicago by a 52-year-old man who had a 299 two years ago. Leading up to his perfect game, the first ever at Echo Lanes, he lost over 200 pounds.

For the Skyway Lanes juniors, June Najbor reports Chelsea King was high at 655 with a super 267 game. Matt Lovell used a 236 to build a 625, Ben Konyi moved a 549 (201), Billy Craig had 536, Brett Starr hit for 507, and Cody Hazell-Malek was plus 82 with a brilliant 174 game.

High scores in Jonarc play are Wayne Clark, 1007 with a 280, Scott Grunau, 268, Ed Maurer, 254, and Mike Ellis, 248.

In P&G action, Mark Ward hit for 680 with a 277, Steve Cardwell had a 609 (246), and Marty Coward charted a 242.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: In December 1999 at Skyway Lanes, Derek Hannah fired a 300 between games of 171 and 169, Wendell Harrison was perfect between games of 182 and 174, and Gord Melmer hit 298 between games of 158 and 151. Two months earlier, Tim Easlick crushed a 279 between a pair of 179 games.