Ward leaves a six pin at Skyway Lanes

Mark Ward has a perfect 300 game and an 800 triple to his credit, now he has a 299 game as a six pin remained standing after 11 strikes for the 299 at Skyway Lanes. After an opening 227, the 299 was rolled, followed by a slip to a 150 for a 646 triple. His brother Brian also has a 299 game at Skyway and Mark has a 244, 245, 246 stepladder series in Nov. 1995.

Last time, I mis-spelled the name of Josh Colwell in regards to his 809 triple at Star Lanes. Now he has his name in the news again as he fired a perfect 300 game at Star Lanes. After a 212, he was perfect, then like Ward, had a slip to a 163 for a 675 triple. The 300 is Colwell’s second as he had the first in the 809 triple last May. Also at Star Lanes, Bill Hicks reports a super 706 (239,242,225) triple by David Novak, a youth bowler. He had three clean games, no opens in 30 frames.

In the first two months of the season, there has been six 300 games by Richard Parker, Jeff Lofft, Crystal Maurer, Jason Stevens, Al Tone and Josh Colwell, a trio of 299’s, Rick Gurman, Mark Ward and Darin Lane, and four 800 triples, Richard Parker, Sean Patterson, Jeff Lofft and Darin Lane.

Super singles at Skyway Lanes are Mark Ward 277, Ed Margueratt 267 and 248, Derek Hannah 257, 256 and 223, Steve Cardwell 246, Ron Elliott 225, Pat Johnston 220, Roger Roy 212 and Dan Lieberman 201. Sparing the difficult 3-6-7-10 split was Joan Tidey. Greg Schultz reports a pair of fantastic triples from Bowlerama Stoney Creek. Corey Raymer almost had their first ever 800 by a Canadian as he strung games of 276, 269 and 246 for a 791 and John Katz zapped games of 268, 223 and 213 for a 704. A Michigan junior threw an 805 triple there in an April 1998 tournament.

Michael Schmidt of Winnipeg has won his second AMF World Cup in Paris France defeating an English bowler. After losing 246 to 205, he won two straight matches, 212 to 207 and 224 to 188 to win after placing second last year and winning in 2005. In the semi-finals he won over a Phillipines bowler 247 to 215 and 252 to 202.

HAMILTON BOWLING TRIVIA: Bill Ciach was Bowlerama Stoney Creek manager from 1968 to 1992 and passed away in 1997. He rolled a perfect 450 game there on Oct. 24, 1976. His son Joey is one of Canada’s top tenpinners and daughter-in-law Kerrie Ryan Ciach is a former AMF World Cup Champion.