Enoksen sets high triple record at 784

Tim Enoksen has set an all-time high triple in the Skyway Lanes Westinghouse League with a brilliant 784 triple. He strung together games of 289, 267 and 228 for the milestone.

In the first game, Enoksen started with 10 strikes before a solid seven pin for the 289. Game two saw him start with seven strikes before a pair of single pin spares, and in game three he had a chance for his third career 800 before a ninth frame split left him at 784.

Enoksen has four perfect games and triples of 809 and 807. The old record was a 781 by Art Oliver Sr. 15 years ago. There have been nine perfect games in the league by Jim Kompare, Graham Hartley, Marty Stokes, Lionel Lewis Jr., Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Rob Brookes, Art Oliver Jr. and Wendell Harrison.

Steve Smith has our seventh 300 game of the season as he rolled 165, 182 and 300 for 647 at Splitsville. In other action there, Tony Gualtieri followed a first frame spare with 10 strikes for a 288, and also threw a 277. Bill Hicks zapped a series of 947 (255), and 897 (256) and Smith also dealt a 936 (257).

At Star Lanes, David Novak, who has raised his average from 184 to 210, blasted a 718 (224,260,234).

George Sarnelli reports from the Commercial League at Skyway that John Giordano smashed a 696 (279, 258, 159). High triples are Ron Colling, 705, Carmen Sarnelli, 686, and Kris Berry, 677 and high singles are Giordano, 266, Sarnelli, 257 and tied at 255 are Kris Berry and Colling. High average at 210 is Colling. Bowling for 50 years and with perfect 300 games were Peter Sarnelli and Colling.

June Najbor reports from the Skyway Sunday juniors that Chelsea King hit a 625 (224) and good singles were from Billy Craig, 236, Brett Starrs, 221, Matt Lovell, 207 and Ben Konyi, 205 and 202. First year bowler Meaghan Downey, six-years old, with a 19 average rolled games of 46 and 41.

In Westinghouse play, Art Oliver stirred a 697 (258), Nan Bucci Jr. had 244, Wendell Harrison rolled 238 and in P & G play, high averages came from Mark Ward, 221 and Kristy Toth, 177. For the Hollands family, Barb is 152 and Jim 149.

At Prime Time Bowling, Scott Tarbat hit the first 10 for a 289. Ian Hazelton moved a 275, Marty Stokes stroked a 258 and 255, John Cherriere rolled 258, Klaus Herchenroder marked a 256 and Art Oliver Jr. scored a 252.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: In the “Story of James” in the Hamilton Spectator, it stated that “In 1890 there was just one place to go bowling in Hamilton, Mac’s four lane emporium back of MacDonald’s tobacco shop at 66 James St. N.” The lanes were actually on the second floor and are still there today, but covered over as it is a McMaster student residence. The name MacDonald from 1890 is still faintly visible at the top of the third floor.