Joe Ciach in Toronto Tenpin Hall of Fame

Joe Ciach, formerly of Stoney Creek and Hamilton, has been inducted into the Toronto Tenpin Hall Of Fame.

He is an eight-time Team Canada member and won a gold medal in singles and silver in all events at the FIQ Tournament of the Americas in Florida in 1999. At the FIQ American Zone Championships in 1997 he won silver in teams and in 2006 picked up silver in doubles. In Cincinnati, Ohio he was the Super Hoinke Sweeper Champ in 2002 and 2003. In 2006 he was the Provincial World Cup Champion and the Brunswick Shootout Champion.

Ciach won the TSN Pins Game in 2004 and placed second in 2005. The Commonwealth games saw a third place finish and he was Toronto Bowler of the Year six times.

Ciach, who now lives in Mississauga with wife Kerrie Ryan, is employed at Ryan Filter Sales. He has been bowling for 37 years, since age seven and holds a 222 average, a high triple of 822 and fired a 300 game at Burlington Bowl in 1999. Kerrie is a former AMF World Cup Champion from 2003 and was inducted into the Toronto Hall in 2008.

Joe’s late father, Bill Ciach, was manager of Bowlerama Stoney Creek from 1968 to 1992 and tripped a perfect 450 five-pin game there on Sept. 18, 1978. Bill was inducted into the Hamilton Tenpin Hall of Fame in 1981. Thank you to Barb Ciach & Val Ciach-Link for the info.

In Skyway Jonarc action, comes a pair of 1,000 series by Wayne Clark, 1007 (280), and Chris King, 1001 (269). Mike Ellis collected a Century award for a super 289 game. Other big singles are Tim Enoksen and John Burke, 280s, Matt Glidden, Aaron Bouchard, Scott Grunau and Todd Downey, 279s, Travis Cauley and Matt Glidden, 278s, Earl England, 277, 268 and 266, Ed Maurer, 269 and 265, Russ Dee, 267, Grunau, 268, Dave Custeau, Bill Lishinski and Aaron Bouchard, 266s, and Ryan Dickenson and Todd Downey, 265s.

In other Skyway play, Ron Elliott blasted a 681 (228,247,206), Tim Enoksen a 664 (257), Bill Lucas a 660, Mark Winger a 643, Ed Margueratt a 639, Derek Hannah a 629 (247) and Jim Margueratt a 222, 218 and 215 singles.

In Prime Time Bowling play, Jason Plumbley grooved back-to-back triples of 740 (279) and 705 (266), Kim Veltman hit 703 (264, 246) and Matthew Kennedy was tops with a 793. Matthew Lewis with 1,027 (269, 257, 243, 258) topped father Lionel’s 991 (214, 279, 267, 231) and Shawn Anderson scored a 946 (266).

The Hamilton & District Tenpin Bowling Association extends sympathy to the family of Evelyn Wood, 84, who won many awards in five-pin bowling. She competed nationally and served on local and provincial associations. She received an Ontario Provincial award for distinguished contribution to amateur sport. Evelyn coached and instructed at Mountain Lanes for 37 years.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: At Skyway Lanes, Don Watson rolled a 296 game, left up the big four split, in the early 1960s and Christine Custeau as a junior started her first and third games in 1997 with seven strikes for games of 267 and 254.