Mawhinney, Price top senior 10-pin event

George Mawhinney, with 805, and Pat Price, at 529, have won the annual seniors tournament at Skyway Lanes.

Super singles were Bruce Tyler, 254, John Stenekes, 247, Mawhinney, 241, Mike Merkir, 235, former Hamilton Tiger-Cat John Manel, 232, and Bill Braid and Tom Johnston, 225. Thanks to Barb Hollands for the results.

Len Garinger Sr. has joined an exclusive club with a 300 game at Star Lanes. After 300 games by sons Mike in 2005 and Len Jr. in 2009, they are only the second father and two sons with perfect games. The others are Larry, Jayson and Shawn Legg. There are seven father-and-son combinations with perfect games with the last name Bailey, Russell, Oliver, Curley, Anderer, Easton and Lewis.

After 226 and 212 games, Garinger Sr. dealt the 300 for a 738 triple. On the same day at Star, Al Napierala started with 11 strikes before leaving the 2-4-5-8 pins for a 296 and 580 (296, 128, 156) triple. For the Star juniors, David Novak blasted a 741 (230, 256, 255).

In Skyway Lanes Brightside action, Chris King and Sean Bailey bowled against each other with King’s 761 (258, 278, 225) edging Bailey’s 760 (248, 267, 245) by one pin. In P&G play, Mark Ward dealt a 694 (257), Tracey Rooke, 684 (235), Kyle Connelly, 654 (238), Al Ryan, 651 (234), Cody Stone, 629 (240), Marty Coward, 627, and Phil McCue, 620 (246).

Also at Skyway, Tim Enoksen, 684 (249), Ed Margueratt, 673 (266), Doug Stickney, 643, Brian Cooper, a 231 game, Jim Margueratt, 15 spares in a row for an all spare game, and Denise Margueratt spared the difficult 3-4-7-10 split. For the Sunday juniors, Chelsea King, 707 (223,,238,,246), and 646 (221, 245, 180), Bethany Nicholson, with a 135 average blasted a 256, and Shawn Lubinski was plus 71 at 182. No award from the Canadian Tenpin Federation, but congratulations to 80-year-old Vince Palange for a brilliant 298 game in the Skyway Seniors League which is not sanctioned by the CTF. He left up the 3 and 9 pins for the 298 after games of 182 and 213 for a 693 triple.

For the Jonarc men, Travis Cauley, 957 (252), Chris King, 954 (257) and 952 (259), Earl England, 279, Crystal Maurer and Ryan Dickenson, 277, Dave Custeau and Ed Maurer, 258, Conrad Merkir, 257 and Greg Schultz, 256.

In Prime Time Bowling action, Art Oliver Jr. was hot with a 1,045 (245, 241, 279, 280). Other super singles were Lionel Lewis, 280, Louis Sturm and John Cherriere, 279, Matt Lewis, 276 and 268, Marty Stokes, 258, and Moe Lipnicky, 257.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: These men have fired perfect games within a few days of Christmas in the past 20 years. Fred Ridgers, Dave McCue, Clint Doolittle, Sean Bailey, Kevin Picott, Wendell Harrison, Jayson Legg, Walter Kronschnable, Aaron Bouchard, Art Oliver Jr., Lionel Lewis, Troy Demers, Steve Smith, Danny Downs and, last Dec. 20, Doug Schatz with a pair of 300 games.